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Reyna Law Firm Announces Tx & NM, Car, Truck & Ride-share Injury Assistance

Reyna Law Firm (866-918-1994) has announced legal assistance services for car, truck, and ride-share accident cases in Texas and New Mexico.

The move comes as part of a concerted effort to better support accident victims both locally and across Texas. Reyna Law Firm now offers legal counsel and representation with a focus on helping victims secure damage amounts in recompense for any losses incurred or lingering pain and suffering in the wake of vehicle crashes.

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The law firm's newly announced services apply to a range of auto accident injury cases, reflecting the frequent crashes in the numerous major cities across the region, countless small towns, and the interconnecting highways. Hosting numerous high population cities that have an enormous commercial output with constant economic development, the region sees a high volume of traffic - as such, Reyna Law Firm offers its new avenues of assistance to those injured in collisions involving cars and trucks alike.

In addition, due to the rise of ride-sharing as a viable means of transport, the firm also offers its services to meet the needs of hurt Uber or Lyft drivers and passengers. Its attorneys can provide guidance in line with developing legal aspects related to liability in such cases, informing injured parties of their rights.

Through case assessments, Reyna Law Firm meets with victims in order to establish the circumstances surrounding their accident. Proceedings can develop in multiple ways, with the firm’s services also extending to settlement negotiations and, in the rare instance that courtroom appearances are necessary, legal representation.

Responding to insurance companies is a step that many accident victims need to take in the pursuit of justice, notes the firm. Accordingly, Reyna Law Firm’s latest service allows its attorneys to take charge of discussions with insurers. Their primary aim is to achieve fair settlement figures that take medical costs, vehicle damage, and personal trauma into account.

In order to reach sums that meet Reyna Law Firm’s case valuation, its newly upgraded services include an evidence-gathering process rooted in investigation. By amassing medical reports, video footage, and witness testimony, the firm looks to strengthen injury cases and corroborate claimants.

To further help accident victims get the justice they deserve, the firm is offering a special promotion- 10% discount on all pre-litigation fees for car, truck, and ride-share accident cases. This assistance aims to help injured parties and their loved ones to deal with the enormous impact that accidents have physically, emotionally, and financially.

Reyna Law Firm’s services are brought to the Texas and New Mexico communities following an ongoing campaign to improve access to specialist catastrophic injury legal options. Its attorneys offer aid at the firm’s numerous offices - located throughout Texas and New Mexico.

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