Risen Energy's solar module shipments to emerging markets grow rapidly

The president of the solar module maker sits for an exclusive interview with Bloomberg

NINGBO, China, April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Wang Hong, president of Chinese solar module manufacturer Risen Energy Co., Ltd. recently sat for an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, during which he shared his opinions on the company's current development in global markets and plans for the future. This interview came on the heels of the recent closing of Bloomberg's Global Business Forum in New York.

"Risen Energy's aggregate installed capacity worldwide reached 5 GW in 2018," said Mr. Wang during the interview. He also shared his thoughts on Risen Energy's criteria in terms of selecting markets the company plans to expand into. "Risen Energy doesn't have too many criteria in this regard. The company plans the development and execution strategies for a target market based on the market's characteristics as each has its own attributes and characteristics."  

During the interview, Mr. Wang gave a special presentation on the Vietnamese market as it is where Risen Energy has seen the rapidest growth. "Just one year after entering the country, the company has taken a more than 10 percent share and expects to see continued growth there," stated Mr. Wang. "In particular, Risen Energy's solar module orders from Vietnam reached 312 MW in 2018, accounting for nearly 30 per cent of the market."

"To respond to the increasing demand for solar products from the global market, the company has continuously increased its production capacity over the past few years, with the capacity for 2019 expected to double on a year-over-year basis," explained Mr. Wang when talking about Risen Energy's capacity growth and manufacturing facilities worldwide. "While our production facilities are all located in China, the company is considering expanding its manufacturing capabilities beyond the home market."

"With the gradual decrease in costs associated with solar power generation, the demand for solar applications is bound to continue growing," replied Mr. Wang when asked by Bloomberg whether the strong demand for solar products from Australia and parts of the US is deceptive or sustainable. 

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