Roborock S4 Designed With New Features to Navigate Complex Homes With Ease

New Vacuum More Affordable, Stronger and Built for Complex Environments

HONG KONG, Sept. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Roborock, makers of ultra-intelligent home robotics, launched the latest robot vacuum in its top-of-the-line S series, the Roborock S4. By combining Roborock's advanced mapping and navigation with a revamped drivetrain, the S4 has the power to free itself from obstacles, which will help solve one of the industry's and buyers' biggest challenges – navigating furniture.

Roborock S4
Roborock S4

"Part of our innovation pipeline is to examine perceptions and key issues around robot vacuums on a continual basis so that each new model includes features that solve real-life situations consumers are facing," said Simon Wan, Roborock co-founder and vice president. "With the S4 we looked to tackle the issue of navigating furniture head-on so consumers can trust that it will always finish the job, even when they're not home."

Specifically designed to travel between surfaces, free itself from tight corners and furniture, and provide up to 3 hours of powerful suction, the S4 offers the most targeted and selective vacuuming needs at the company's most accessible S series price point. Further highlights of the S4 include:

Ultra-Intelligent Features:

  • Eleven types of sensors give the S4 improved fall avoidance, carpet boost, height sensitivity, anti-entrapment abilities and more.
  • Revamped drivetrain keeps it from getting stuck in corners or on furniture – so it can always finish the job
  • High-precision laser navigation system scans rooms at 300RPM, creating a real-time map of the home that is accurate to up to +/- 2cm.
  • Ability to define "no-go" zones and virtual barriers so you can rest assured it only cleans where you want it to - and won't snare the shag rug or accidentally hit your favorite vase
  • Controlled via the Roborock app, to easily schedule cleanings, define routes and control the S4 from anywhere.
  • Up to 3 hours of battery life and cleaning time.

Top-of-the-Line Cleaning:

  • Innovative airflow design keeps suction strong, even when the dustbin is full, providing the best clean all the time.
  • An air filter traps mold, dander, and other particles as S4 cleans, and because it is washable, it can be used for longer.
  • Adopts a Z-shape cleaning pattern that maps a room's edges before zigzagging across the areas in between, ensuring all areas of the home are cleaned.
  • Suction powerful enough to lift AA batteries.
  • A floating main brush adapts its height to stay close to the ground.
  • The side brush adapts its speed to target corner dust, accelerating to propel dust into the cleaning path along corners and slows down away from walls to prevent knocking dust around the room.

The Roborock S4 is available now exclusively on Amazon for $399.99 MSRP.

About Roborock

Roborock specializes in advanced home robotics with an emphasis on precision navigation. It develops and produces robot vacuums under its Roborock brand, as well as creating robot vacuums for one of China's largest technology companies, Xiaomi. Each robot it builds is designed to fulfill a singular purpose: To give people more time to spend on the things they love. Currently, Roborock is available in 40 countries, including the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, and the UK. For more information visit

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