Rogers: Invest in water and farms

Rogers: Invest in water and farms

American investor Jim Rogers, who has been based in Singapore since 2007, wastes no time.

The well-known investment guru was cycling on his stationary bike at a vigorous pace and initiating his new personal assistant, while answering interview questions, when My Paper visited him at his home last week.

In his journey from Alabama to Singapore, which he wrote about in his latest book, Street Smarts, he found time to co-run a hedge fund with renowned investor George Soros, make two round-the-world trips by bike and car, and have two daughters.

Mr Rogers, 70, spoke to My Paper in a wide-ranging interview about investing in water, why he wants to invest in North Korea and his advice to young people starting out.

Why and how would one invest in water?

The world - from China and India to the west of the Red Sea - faces some serious water problems. There will be wars over water soon. If you can figure out a way to solve those problems - clean it, transport it, filter it - you'll be very rich.

Singapore is a centre for dealing with water, mainly because it has its own gigantic water problems. I have looked for water companies in Singapore and I own a few shares in Hyflux.

What other Singapore companies have you invested in?

If I tell you the companies I own, people will go out and buy it because they read it in the newspaper and I try to discourage that. It's a terrible way to invest, that's why I try not to give specific names.

Which commodities are you optimistic about?

At the moment, I am more optimistic about the ones that are depressed. Agriculture has been a terrible business for 30 years, and my view is that it is in the process of changing.

Natural gas is depressed, and that is a good place to start doing research. You don't buy something just because it is down, but it is a place to start looking.

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