Rolaz Group unveils the first tokenized Product (Rolaz Gold – rGLD), with aim to revolutionize gold mining operations

Unveiled the product (Rolaz Gold – rGLD).

Rolaz Hedge Fund – the first tokenized hedge fund powered by its Blockchain Decentralized Investment Protocol. Set to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry with one of a kind secure and 360 ° financial ecosystem, unveiled the FIRST tokenized Product (Rolaz Gold – rGLD) with having each token backed by actual gold.

The Rolaz Protocol also is in line with the on-going development of the Metaverse, where people will own gold and eventually their protocol will tokenize everything.

The Rolaz decentralized investment protocol will provide several investment portfolios, including natural assets, investment assets, and financial assets. With offers and partners across several continents, including Europe, South America, Asia, and the United States, it strives to maximize the potentials of the blockchain.

Rolaz Ecosystem

The Group unveiled its Rolaz Blockchain Protocol, which is central to everything that works within the Rolaz Ecosystem. The protocol is designed and developed in a manner that orderly tokenizes different investment assets. Through the Rolaz Protocol, investors can navigate through the gold market using rGLD.

With the issue of gas fees and speed transactions, Rolaz Group migrated from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain network. The migration is significant as it offers interoperability, cheap transactions, and fast transaction processing speed for investors. Currently, the Group has distributed over 50 thousand worth of USD in incentives for its MKT campaign.

Ian Scarffe, Blockchain, DeFi, and FinTech Advisory Expert Joins Rolaz

Rolaz has continued to attract international attention as the Group got a massive boost to its advisory board. Ian Scarffe, a prominent DeFi, and FinTech expert joined the Rolaz Group to bring his experience within the blockchain and investment markets to support the Rolaz project.

Ian also sits on the advisory board of several multi-million dollar Blockchain start-ups. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Carlos Rodrigo, emphasized the importance of Ian joining the team. According to him, "Having a big community is important for our ecosystem, but having the right people will be the key for our success." Besides this, the project has also attracted the interest of corporate and professional investors with negotiations ongoing with the CEO.

Transparent platform for the users

With the tokenization of its current gold mining operations, Rolaz offers a transparent and trustworthy platform for anyone to invest in gold. The rGLD token will remove all the barriers to real-time gold investment while making it accessible to the average investor. Investors can get a 50% APR return on investment for stalking rGLD.

The platform will offer instant trading opportunities to investors, as well as intra-asset trading and stalking options. Importantly, it recently got listed on the CoinMarketCap website, which is something commendable. The listing means more liquidity and trading volume. In addition, it also shows the legality, security, and transparency of the Rolaz platform. Interestingly, it has heavy traction on social media, with over 16k members in its community within a couple of weeks. For Rolaz, it only shows the interest the project is having in the investment community.

There are indications that once the presale target is actualized, a liquidity pool will be created on DEX and CEX listing as a secondary market for token holders to sell and buy rGLD tokens. The token has a limited supply and a deflationary policy. People can get Rolaz Gold (rGLD) tokens directly from their website.

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