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Run Towards the Next Holiday with the New Mileslife Health Function

Run Towards the Next Holiday with the New Mileslife Health Function

Climb Dragon's Back, run along Waterfall Bay Park or complete the Hong Kong Marathon - all while earning airline miles with Mileslife

HONG KONG, Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mileslife is the first mobile payment + digital loyalty app that lets users earn multiple airline miles directly through their everyday lifestyle and travel spending. Just 4 months after making its debut in Hong Kong this August 2018, Mileslife is now launching its latest initiative - Mileslife Health, to encourage users to live a healthier life by simply walking more!

Mileslife Health rewards users with bonus airline miles upon completion of activity targets in a bid to motivate Hong Kong users to hit their recommended step count every day, starting from 5,000 steps.

Walk and Win with Mileslife Health

According to a global study on "Activity Inequality", carried out by a team at Stanford University, people in Hong Kong walked 6,880 steps per day on average, making them the most active in the world.

With Mileslife Health, users will be rewarded daily with airline miles from 16 frequent flyer programs, redeemable for flights from over 120 airlines, just by leading a healthy lifestyle.

"Since 2016, Mileslife has pioneered a new ecosystem that enables users to collect airline miles and points through their daily activities, from dining to retail and travel. Our commitment now extends beyond recreational lifestyle activities to healthy living as well," said Jonathan Kan, General Manager of Mileslife Hong Kong. "After we first launched the Health Function in Singapore in June 2018, we have received great feedback from our users for this additional benefit. With Hong Kong having some of the most active residents in the world, we believe Mileslife Health will resonate well with Hong Kong users."

More Friends, More Miles

To coincide with the launch of Mileslife Health, during the month of December 2018, all users will be rewarded 100 free miles when they invite friends to download Mileslife, register and simply check-in for the first time (no minimum spending is required).  Their friends will also be entitled to the same 100 bonus miles and start enjoying an easier and faster way to accumulate airline miles from nearly 400 merchants in Hong Kong, including HABITU table & Caffe Habitu, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., @The Peak, Michelin 1-star restaurant - Fu Ho Restaurant, Celebrity Cuisine, Modern China Restaurant, etc. 

Mileslife Health - How it works

  1. Link Mileslife Health to Google Fit or Apple Health account to sync the steps. 
  2. A minimum of 5,000 steps is required each day to redeem airline miles with the next tier of rewards at 10,000 and 20,000 steps. The more a user walk, the more miles they earn.
  3. Steps will be reset at midnight each day; miles must be redeemed in the Mileslife app before midnight HKT (UTC +8).
  4. An additional 10 miles will be awarded every week if the number of accumulated steps redeemed in one week exceeds 100,000 steps.
  5. On top of earning miles from hitting the daily steps target, miles earned from steps are doubled after spending in the Mileslife app.

Full terms and conditions are available on the app. Download the app at

About Mileslife (

Mileslife is a direct mileage earning app that allows users to earn their preferred frequent flyer miles from their everyday spending on top of their credit card miles, while at the same time, helping local businesses target high-calibre customers. Mileslife creates a better ecosystem to connect airlines, merchants, banks and consumers - allowing users to earn accelerated miles from their everyday spending, both from Mileslife and their own credit cards.

Mileslife was officially launched in Hong Kong in August 2018, following the launch in Singapore in June 2017 and Mainland China in March 2016. Mileslife offers more than 30,000 restaurants, premium spas, global luxury and boutique hotels, high-end retailers, and activities in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Mileslife users are able to redeem flights from over 120 airlines from 16 airline loyalty programs.

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