Sae-A Trading carries out overseas relief activities to aid COVID-19 recovery

  • Sae-A Trading has continued to practice sustainable management through diverse CSR activities even during the pandemic
  • Donations were given to countries where overseas offices were located, including Guatemala, Nicaragua and Haiti
  • Safety education was also provided for local communities in countries where disease prevention systems are limited

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To help and bring an end to COVID-19 and provide disaster relief, a leading global apparel manufacturer and exporter Sae-A Trading has been carrying out diverse CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities at its overseas corporations. Additionally, Sae-A's Chairman Woong-Ki Kim, has taken part in a global social media campaign called 'Stay Strong', organized by South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage COVID-19 recovery and elimination efforts. These CSR activities were carried out across 60,000 associates of Sae-A located in 10 countries around the world.

  • Donating relief and disease prevention items worth $70,000 to local communities in Guatemala

Sae-A's manufacturing plants in Guatemala corporate leaders, associates and union representatives visited local communities that are experiencing hardships due to the spread of COVID-19 and donated items to them. 6,000 'relief kits' that consisted of necessities for quarantined households were delivered to communities near production factories in Petapa, Villa Nueva and Mixco, as well as the central emergency response headquarters of Guatemala. A total of 60,000 masks for protection against COVID-19 were also donated.

Donation ceremony held at Sae-A Guatemala. Commemorative photo taken with Mayor of Mixco and officials
Donation ceremony held at Sae-A Guatemala. Commemorative photo taken with Mayor of Mixco and officials

  • Donating protective gear and clothing to the local health ministry and emergency response agency in Nicaragua

Sae-A's manufacturing plants in Nicaragua carried out a large-scale donation to government offices. As well as donating 30,000 masks to the local health ministry, 410,000 pieces of clothing (worth $3.5 mil.) for children, teenagers and women were donated to the country's emergency response agency (SINAPRED). The head of the agency, Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, gave a message of appreciation, saying, "Donating to our important agency and the health ministry at this difficult time is a wonderful act that brings us all closer together. Sae-A has proven itself to be a very socially responsible and trustworthy company."

Receiving Sae-A Nicaragua’s donation items at the emergency response agency
Receiving Sae-A Nicaragua’s donation items at the emergency response agency

  • Donating 200,000 masks to the local community and government in Haiti

Sae-A's Haitian corporation, S&H Global, donated 200,000 masks to the government and the local community in the northern Haiti region of Caracol, including schools, hospitals, and the port. 5,278 yards of material to produce masks (enough to produce 50,000 masks) was also donated to an NGO consortium, located in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Additionally, S&H Global understood that basic disease prevention and sanitation management systems were lacking in the local region, so it has continued to carry out safety education for the production office staff and local community, including personal hygiene practices.

Sae-A Trading CEO, James Ha said, "Even in this uncertain COVID-19 situation, the weight of being socially responsible has not changed for the company. Moving forward, we will continue to pursue our philosophy of co-prosperity with our local community and staff." He added, "Through various donation activities and disease prevention education programs by our Sae-A offices overseas, we hope we can do our part to help bring about an end to the COVID-19 pandemic."

* * *

The Global Sae-A Group fulfills its corporate social responsibility roles in every country it has entered, and is establishing its reputation as a sustainably managed company. The company has carried our various CSR activities tailored for local communities, including the establishment of the 'Sae-A School' (S&H School), which has become a leading comprehensive school in Haiti through its advanced education curriculum and free meals, scholarship programs in Vietnam, South Korea, and Guatemala for students from low-income households, as well as food drives in Indonesian slums, and supporting campaigns for blood donation and environmental protection in Nicaragua.

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