Saigon Food responds to COVID-19

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Saigon Food is a local company with more than 2,500 employees from all over the country. After lunar new year, from January 20, the workers returned to the Company fully and worked normally. Representative of the Board of Directors, General Director Nguyen Quang Tuong sent a letter to all employees calling for strengthening prevention of infection but also affirmed: "COVID-19 is dangerous but if we know how to prevent it, we will not be suffered from it. It is considered a great danger, I always remind everyone to be very calm, follow the official instructions of the Government, the Ministry of Health." At the same time Saigon Food also offers additional precautions to all of their employees such as:

  • Check the temperature of employees and customers at the entrance¬†of the Company to support medical care when necessary.
  • Requesting employees whether or not in the production shift to wash their hands often with soap or hand spray bottle arranged by the Company in public areas.
  • To increase resistance, encourage employees to self-supplement vitamins, the company provides free lemonade in the cafeteria area at lunch time.
  • Do not share eating and drinking utensils, the Company has arranged separate trays and utensils for each person at the cafeteria.
  • Communicate with all employees on the precaution of COVID-19

Besides that as a manufacturing company of daily consumption food, Saigon Food is less affected by the disease situation. On the contrary, due to the increasing demand for essential products, the number of orders immediately increased after Tet holiday. For the export market, Japanese partners ordered twice the same period last year, but in the immediate future, Saigon Food can only meet up to 20% of this additional demand to focus resources for domestic customers. For the domestic market, orders also doubled from February and is expected to increase in the near future. During the epidemic season, consumers have prioritized the choice of processed food items, which is the main product of Saigon Food. However Saigon Food is committed not to increase product prices, and search for all possible solutions to meet consumer needs, especially domestic customers.

Saigon Food checks the temperature of employees and customers at the entrance of the Company
Saigon Food checks the temperature of employees and customers at the entrance of the Company

Saigon Food info:

Founded on July 18, 2003, up to now, Saigon Food Joint Stock Company has 16 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and trading frozen seafood and processed food.

With a scale of more than 2,000 employees with 5 factories operating regularly on an area of 33,000m2 in Vinh Loc Industrial Park - Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Food supplies more than 20,000 tons of finished products every year. In 2019, Saigon Food achieved a total revenue of VND 2,400 billion, up 26% compared to 2018.

In terms of export, Saigon Food supplies more than 50 high-end frozen items to the difficult Japanese market. In the domestic market, Saigon Food is famous for its processed product lines such as frozen foods, fresh porridge for all ages and recently the Fresh Meals industry with hundreds of delicious dishes every day.

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