Salonpas® Named the World's No. 1 OTC Topical Analgesic Patch Brand*1 for the Third Consecutive Year

Based on research by Euromonitor International (UK),*2 a leading global market research company

TOKYO, JAPAN -  Media OutReach  - 17 May 2019 -  Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. (Head Office: Tosu, Saga; President & COO: NAKATOMI Kazuhide; hereinafter "Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical") announced that Euromonitor International Ltd. (hereinafter "Euromonitor International"), a leading international market research company, recognized "Salonpas® " as the world's No. 1 OTC topical analgesic patch brand for the third consecutive year since 2016. Euromonitor International presented Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical with two official certificates, one recognizing Salonpas® 's achievement and one naming Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical as the holder of the world's largest share in the corresponding market category for two years running.

Since its 1847 founding in the Tashiro (then Hizen-Tashiro) area of Tosu, Saga, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical has worked to provide Japan and the rest of the world with high-quality pharmaceutical products. Always footing its operations in that local foundation and adhering to a consistent, customer-first philosophy, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical is now in its 172nd year--a testament to a legacy that, like the recent recognition from Euromonitor International, would not have been possible without the valuable, ongoing support of the company's many customers and stakeholders.

May 18 has been registered with the Japan Anniversary Association as "Salonpas® Day," whose date has linguistic ties to the Japanese phrase "Kori o iyasu " ("relieving stiffness"): "Ko " corresponds to the number 5 ("go "); "i " represents 1; and "ya " stands for 8.

Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical will continue to expand its business operations worldwide, centering its activities on the basic principle of "Delivering a Better QOL to the World."


Certificate presentation

Date:  May 17, 2019

Location:  Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Tokyo Head Office

L:  Mr. Sean Kreidler, Senior Research Manager, Euromonitor International

R:  NAKATOMI Kazuhide, President & COO, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical

*1 : Research Method

To determine the world's No. 1 OTC topical analgesic patch brand, London-based Euromonitor International conducts a global market research from March to April every year. In the ten countries collectively representing more than 70% of the global topical patch product retail market in 2018 (the United States, Brazil, Russia, Italy, Germany, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and Japan), Euromonitor International conducted trade interviews of manufacturers and wholesalers, visited retail outlets for store checks, and compiled the sales figures of patch products by country and brand to calculate the corresponding sales shares.


*2 : Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International, a British company headquartered in London, is a leader in international market research with exclusive researchers in over 100 countries.