Sanya builds a new friendship with Fremantle

FREMANTLE, Australia, Dec. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sanya Serenity Coast builds a relationship with Fremantle, a Western Australia tourism department, following Punta del este, Uruguay and CapeTown, South Africa. On the 1st of December, Sanya's support team and ambassador had a meeting with Wendy O'Shaughnessy, the Place Marketing Coordinator of Fremantle, to discuss the phenomenon of Sanya attracting lots of local people on the open boat day. Wendy hopes to have a good relationship with Sanya city, and also transfers best wishes to the mother port. They also will talk about how to make a further promotion for Sanya during the next 2019-20 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Sanya ambassador crew have a meeting with Wendy, the Place Marketing Coordinator of Fremantle
Sanya ambassador crew have a meeting with Wendy, the Place Marketing Coordinator of Fremantle

The unique meetingwas scheduled in a famous cafe of City Hall square. Wendy introduced it confidently, "It's the taste of Fremantle, it's incredibly impressive." Sanya ambassadors thanked Wendy's reception, and they introduced to Wendy: there is also a local coffee shop in Sanya, also provided on the yacht. Hefner, the Sanya ambassdor, came to Australia for the first time sponsored by Sanya, said to Wendy: "You have the same name with our skipper, and her name is Wendy Tuck, also an Australian, there is a saying: follow skipper's order all the time, and we do really love the maritime museum, coast lines and marines, they are wonderful!"

Wendy showed the Sanya support team around the City Hall, which was built 220 years ago and it is still in use. She also prepared some brochures and souvenirs, expected they could be given out to Sanya. "It was such a novel idea to promote Sanya tourism through yacht race, I would like more people in China to know about Fremantle to visit Fremantle."

Sanya's support team also sent a nice Sanya advertising video for Wendy, and invited her to Sanya, to feel the "Beautiful Sanya Romantic Paradise."

It is 2017 China Australia tourism year, China is the big market Australia values most, by the 70 feet Clipper yacht, the friendship between Sanya and Fremantle will bring a further development.

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