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SAPA Thale Is Contributing to Repelling the Peak Wave of Covid-19

SAPA Thale Is Contributing to Repelling the Peak Wave of Covid-19

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 2 December 2020 - The European Union (EU) has issued the correct warning since September 2020 that the Covid-19 epidemic in some of its member countries will be worse than the March's peak. The first week of November 2020 reported the highest number of new infections in its member countries; On November 3rd, Europe reported 233,645 new infections and 3,801 deaths, which increased the number of infections and deaths caused by Covid-19 in Europe to 10,694,930 and 273,890 cases, respectively.

Map and photo of Bijeljina field hospital.

In the context of a sudden increase in new Covid-19 infections in European and North American countries, the General Director of World Health Organization (WHO), Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that this is an crucial time for leaders to take action and seize the opportunity to control the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, WHO's Director of Emergency Programs, Mr. Mike Ryan said, European governments are facing a "very difficult situation" in controlling new infections while citizens of the European Union (EU) are becoming increasingly tired of the new restrictions in their daily lives.

Bosnia-Herzegovina was a country that succeeded in repelling the Covid 19 epidemic in the EU in March, but now they are also facing a very high wave of Covid-19 epidemic, which started in mid-October 2020, on November 25th, the number of new infections in Bosnia-Herzegovina was 1,589. The death rate was much higher than earlier this year, the number of deaths on November 16th was 75, the highest number ever reported in the country since the Covid-19 epidemic.

SAPA Thale always considers that the bilateral investment cooperation relationship between SAPA Thale Group and the Government and the leading business sector of Bosnia - Herzegovina is a strategic relationship.

In 2019, SAPA Thale conducted a series of visits and business trips in Europe. In which the key was a visit to Bijeljina city, Bosnia-Herzegovina. President of SAPA Thale Group, billionaire Mr. Mai Vu Minh met with the mayor of Bijeljina city and signed an investment cooperation agreement, in which SAPA Thale will export its technology products and garments to Bijeljina and invest in the finance, technology and infrastructure sector in Bijeljina.

Bloomberg TV report - Billionaire Mai Vu Minh works with countries' governments.

However, in 2020, Sapa Thale has witnessed an outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, including Bosnia-Herzegovina and the peaceful city of Bijeljina. In the face of a series of multidisciplinary import and export projects in Bijeljina and investment plans, SAPA Thale realized that we needed to contribute our efforts to repel Covid 19 in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bijeljina, and to create a social welfare before scaling up our multidisciplinary investment.

Billionaire Mai Vu Minh (right) and Mayor Mr. Mico Mićić, during his visit to and work in Bijeljina city, Republika Srpska (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

SAPA Thale has cooperated and contributed a part of capital to the construction of a field hospital in Bijeljina to expand the capacity of receiving, treating patients, reducing the number of patients in the main hospitals; create great social welfare.

Each Tent Rome 10 is 50m long, 10m wide and 2.3 m high. This field hospital can afford 500 beds with basic medical conditions, and the military force is gathered to support medical staffs. The Field Hospital has around 1,700 staffs including physicians and volunteers, who are working hard to cope with the current peak wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

SAPA Thale Group has moreover cooperated with TRB Group -- a State-owned enterprise established in 1955 in Bosnia-Herzegovina to develop products namely: Mobile power, water systems, mobile security systems.

On November 10th, the BiH Government convened an emergency meeting to make a decision to give 10 million BAM (~ 5 million EUR) to public hospitals in the Federation, due to increased pressure on the health system, which was caused by the increased enrollment of COVID -19 infections.

The EU Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) listed Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Malta as "cause of concern" countries. According to the ECDC, the seven countries above have reported an increase in hospital admissions as well as severe complications because of Covid-19 in the elderly. In these countries, the number of deaths also tends to increase.

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bijeljina are also urgently involved in the prevention of Covid-19.

Bijeljina wishes to repel Covid 19 once again as it was in March. The contribution of SAPA Thale and Group President, Mai Vu Minh is very practical in this difficult time, it has an important meaning in serving the community, promoting diplomatic cooperation of SAPA Thale and Bijeljina city.

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