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s/ash, New 5G Mobile Service and Lifestyle Brand debut

s/ash, New 5G Mobile Service and Lifestyle Brand debut

The high-quality 5G network is tailored to enable young people to share their daily lives, pursue their dreams, and showcase their unique attitude.

HONG KONG - Media OutReach - 29 May 2023 - s/ash , a new Hong Kong-born 5G telecom brand dedicated to help the Generation Z connecting with the world, officially debuts today. Offering flexible 5G service plans and multiple exclusive benefits, s/ash has been brought to life with a vision to enable young people to share their daily lives, pursue their dreams, and live their lives with their unique attitude.

Nowadays, more and more young people identify themselves as "slashers", denoting that they play multiple roles in society at the same time. They no longer define themselves with a single identity, with many digital natives opening multiple accounts on social platforms to showcase their diverse talents. The "slasher" lifestyle represents a youthful desire to celebrate personality, preferences and potential.

To catch up with the diversified development trend of society, a new lifestyle telecommunications brand s/ash has emerged as the times require. s/ash represents a brand-new attitude towards life. The brand-new identity is linked with "/". In addition to providing high-quality 5G mobile telecommunications services, s/ash is also a lifestyle brand which provides flexible service plans and a range of social and entertainment privileges, echoing to the vision of s/ash in helping young people pursue to their ideal lifestyle.

Live life your way s/ash*Blue Sky Music Festival

s/lash was officially launched today at the s/ash*Blue Sky Music Festival . The large-scale event, which took place on the Great Lawn at the West Kowloon Cultural District, featured live music, food pop-ups and flea market stalls, with more than 3,500 visitors in attendance.

The event celebrated the diversity of the slasher generation, with local slashers showcasing artisan wares such as handmade leather products, stationery, perfume, ceramics and other lifestyle products. A variety of local popular food and beverage brands also participated, including Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant Fisholic ; bagel specialist ; Hong Kong's first homegrown plant-based pearl tea brand, Mother Pearl ; local brewery Young Master Brewery, and more.

The festival also featured a series of music performances by Canto-pop singers CY Chan and Kimman Wong, who were joined on the line-up by local buskers who brought their unique styles to the stage.

"s/ash*Blue Sky Music Festival" creates a platform for local slashers, reflecting the diverse talents and multiple identities of slashers, and also marks the official launch of s/ash . With the provision of high-quality 5G mobile communication services and comprehensive user benefits, s/ash is acting as a platform for young teenagers to develop their own path.

"Freshman! Support Program" Offers 12-Month Free Service 1

To meet the increasingly diverse needs of younger mobile users, s/ash has launched with an array of flexible service plans including S Plan, M Plan and L Plan, providing monthly local data from 10GB to 100GB. Eligible users who sign up for the limited-time "Freshman! Support Program" can enjoy a 12-month fee waiver1 , with an average monthly fee from HK$1241 . Eligible freshmen are entitled to enjoy 50 GB 5G high-speed mobile data service1 , and subsequent unlimited data 5Mbps1 , and 4GB Mainland China and Macau roaming data4 , and also the "Unconditional 30-days Service Cancellation"2 arrangement.

Users who sign up designated monthly service plans can enjoy "Chill Privilege" e-coffee coupons in an amount of up to $2503 , 6GB Mainland China and Macau roaming data4 , "Unlimited Social & Entertainment Data Pack"5 , with free data usage on 15 designated mobile applications including YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, JOOX, KKBOX, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Zoom, Teams, Apple TV, TikTok and MyTVSuper (valued at HK$38), and also "Chill Mobile Game" value-added service, allowing users to enjoy free data usage on selected mobile games including Identity V, Harry Potter, Magic Awakening and Arknights6 , as well as a 10% rebate on selected in-game purchases6 , which will be available very soon.

s/ash Service Plans



(Unlimited Thereafter data: 1Mbps )


(Unlimited Thereafter data: 5Mbps)


(Unlimited Thereafter data: 5Mbps)
Basic Monthly Fee
Freshman! Support Program 1

12-month Free Service
Number Port-in 1
HK$18 Administration Fee Waiver
Chill Privilege (Total value within contract period) 3

(8x $25 coupons)

(10x $25 coupons)
Mainland China and Macau Free Roaming Data4
Unlimited Social & Entertainment Data 5

(Applicable in 15 selected mobile applications: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, JOOX, KKBOX, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Zoom, Teams, Apple TV, TikTok & MyTVSuper App)

(Valued at $38)

To cater to the needs of the fast-pacing younger generation, s/ash has set up a comprehensive online platform. Customers can subscribe to any service plan via the official website, and manage any account matters through the easy-to-use mobile app, save the hassle of visiting the physical stores or enquiring via service hotlines. The SIM card will be delivered directly to the user once an application is approved.

For more information about s/ash, please visit or follow on Instagram for the latest updates.

Terms and conditions:

  1. "Freshman! Support Program" - 12-month Free-to-use ("Freshman! Support Program") is only applicable to new customers ("Eligible Customers") who have subscribed s/ash S, M, L service plan on 24-month contract. "Freshman! Support Program" is only applicable to customers who are 18-29 years old or below during service application. Eligible customers will receive a waiver of the monthly fee for 12 months during the service commitment period. The waived monthly fee will be reflected on the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th, 22nd and 23th bill. If the customer changes to another service plan or terminates the service plan early during the contract period, the offer will be automatically cancelled and the total amount of the offer enjoyed by the customer will be charged without prior notice. Customers are required to pay an additional $18 admin fee per month. MNP customers can enjoy $18 Admin Fee Waiver within contract period. MNP customers shall successfully porting-in to the s/ash within 180 days upon signing the contract. This offer is valid until further notice. Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Customers who have selected s/ash S/M/L service plans and sign up for 12/24 months are entitled to the " First 30 days unconditional service plan cancellation scheme " and no need to pay the liquidated damages. If the customer decided to end the contract, the amount of the first bill paid in advance will not be refunded. After the Service Commitment Period expired, s/ash will provide the Customer with the Service on a monthly basis for the basic monthly fee, and all Contract Offers will simultaneously terminate with immediate effect.
  3. Chill Privilege offer is only applicable to designated customers who have subscribed to the specified s/ash M or L service plan and committed to a minimum service commitment period of 12/24 months ("Eligible Customers"). Eligible customers can receive a total of $200 or $250 worth of designated shop cash vouchers ("Vouchers") during the service commitment period. The Vouchers will be distributed to the customer's MyLink APP ("MyLink") account in the form of 8 or 10 electronic cash coupons of $25 each. The Vouchers will be distributed in once within 180 working days after the effective date of the service plan on MyLink.
  4. Free Mainland China and Macau roaming data offer ("Offer") is only applicable to designated customers who have subscribed to the designated s/ash M or L service plan and committed to a minimum service commitment period of 12/24 months ("Eligible Customers"). Eligible Customers can enjoy 4GB or 6GB of roaming data per month during the contract period. Data roaming usage is only available to customers who have activated the roaming service. Upon arrival in Mainland China / Macau, the handset will automatically search for and lock up the local network operators that belong to CMHK's roaming partners for the use of data roaming service.
  5. "Unlimited Social & Entertainment Data Pack" is only applicable for using designated mobile apps in local including WhatsApp, WeChat,Line, Telegram, Zoom, Teams,YouTtube, Netflix, Apple TV, Facebook, Tiktok (Douyin), JOOX, KKBOX, Instagram & and MyTVSuper. Any data usage from non-designated mobile Apps will be deducted from the service local data entitlement of the customer's service plan.
  6. Customers who subscribe for s/ash service can enjoy" Chill Mobile Game". Customers can enjoy (i) receive a 10% rebate on in-game purchases made through designated Android operating systems and using carrier billing service; and (ii) free data usage for designated game. The above service shall subject to the Terms and conditions of "Chill Mobile Game" and "The Google Play Direct Carrier Billing Service". Promotion coming soon. Terms and conditions apply.

# Terms and conditions apply

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