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Scaling up amid Southeast Asia’s eCommerce boom

Scaling up amid Southeast Asia’s eCommerce boom GlobeNewswire October 27, 2021

SINGAPORE, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Few industries have grown as rapidly as eCommerce has worldwide during the pandemic, and Southeast Asia is no exception, SmartOSC shared.

The eCommerce boom comes alongside online price inflation and a tech talent shortage, with 68% of tech managers surveyed in the e-Conomy SEA report saying it averaged three months to fill an open position.

These factors combined with high logistics costs of up to 20% of the final cost of goods in some countries make it tough to compete on price.

Despite these headwinds, full-service eCommerce agency SmartOSC sees challenges and opportunities for businesses.

Scaling up

“Projects that previously would take nine months to implement now need to be launched in weeks,” says SmartOSC Founder and CEO Thai Son Nguyen, adding that a minimum viable product approach allows businesses to get a market foothold quickly, gain proof of concept, and then swiftly scale upwards and outwards.

Brands need speed and agility to scale up amid the eCommerce boom, Nguyen says.

“More people are shopping online and for a more diverse range of products than before, so brands need to offer consumers what they want, when they want it.

Online inflation means consumers also have higher expectations for a personalized shopping experience, Nguyen says.

“We’ve reached tipping points for both consumers and brands in eCommerce adoption.”

Looking to 2022

SmartOSC helped ASUS Singapore scale up rapidly with a focus on personalization and de-siloing B2B and B2C customers, growing eCommerce revenue by 56%.

As companies look to scale rapidly in a talent-short environment, a tech partner with the know-how and resources to solve complex problems is invaluable, says Nguyen, whose company was recognized in Forrester’s Now Tech: APAC Digital Experience Services Q4, 2021 for offering competitive specialties other large providers in APAC don’t.

“At SmartOSC we’re doubling down on our greatest asset: our people. We’re hiring tech talents every day and are fostering an environment where our people can grow, so they’re ready to take on the challenges our partners face,” he says.


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