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*SCAPE Streamer Residency To Power Up Singapore's Streamer Community

*SCAPE Streamer Residency To Power Up Singapore's Streamer Community

From over 100 aspiring streamers, 12 content creators to graduate and represent *SCAPE as ambassadors

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 March 2022 - 12 aspiring streamers, from a project manager to freelance musician, have been selected from over 100 youth content creators to represent *SCAPE as their ambassadors. With the opportunity to be mentored by veteran Twitch streamers, the streamers are pursuing their passion professionally as part of the new *SCAPE Streamer Residency.

After three months of intensive training, the 12 mentees are set to graduate on 12 March. The Streamer Residency Graduation ceremony will be livestreamed at 11am on the *SCAPEesports Twitch Channel. Members of the public can also follow their transformative journey to be professional streamers through The Pathway Season 2, a weekly video series available at .

Organised and developed by youth-focused organisation *SCAPE, the Streamer Residency is a holistic two-tiered programme and the latest initiative in its efforts to support and grow the community. Curated based on the needs of Singapore streamers and an extension of its highly successful Pathway Mentorship Programme, the residency offers networking opportunities for young streamers while providing expert resources and in-depth coaching from industry veterans to onboard them with the skillsets to be a professional content creator. The inaugural edition began on 10 December 2021 and will complete on 12 March 2022.

With a 3-day EXP Camp in December leading up to a two-month long Pathway Mentorship Programme, youths can look forward to a series of fun and educational activities including profiling, expert panel discussions, masterclasses, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions and more.

The programme was open to all youths of 18-35 years old. Registration closed on 28 November 2021.

"Community building is the foundation on which *SCAPE's programmes are laid upon, and the streamer community is one that *SCAPE is committed to support. Since the onset of the pandemic, we've noticed an explosive increase in the number of youths who turned to livestreaming, especially during the Circuit Breaker period," said Ivy Lim, Executive Director of *SCAPE.

Interactive livestreaming service Twitch currently sees 8 million unique creators streaming each month to an average of 31 million viewers daily. In 2021, it reported over 1.3 trillion minutes watched on the service.

"The Streamer Residency programme marks an important milestone in our continuous efforts to provide opportunities and platforms to develop our aspiring streamers, as well as bring together the different 'ingredients' that will help them thrive soft skills, networking opportunities, as well as meeting and learning directly from their peers," added Ivy.

Headstart in the Foundations of a Streamer – EXP Camp

Over 100 registrants underwent an audition process, of which 35 were shortlisted to be eligible for the EXP Camp, the first step of the residency programme. The camp, held from 10 to 12 December 2021, included activities such as personality profiling, team bonding games, as well as working in groups to collaborate on streaming projects.

Participants had the rare opportunity to be directly coached and mentored by one of eight established streamers, including Arthars, Wolfsbanee and sukasblood, in developing a streaming project.

Youths gleaned first-hand insights from the professional streamers through panel discussion topics such as grinding on Twitch, content development, as well as nuances to note between real life and game streaming. Resident *SCAPE Twitch Team members such as skyllabtw, Nutzeru, tanggoz, Davichyyy and Jolyn, shared their past experiences and offered streaming-related tips.

Based on their performance during the camp, the best 12 participants qualified for the next stage, the Pathway Mentorship Programme.

Accelerating success in Professional Streaming - Pathway Mentorship Programme

From January to March 2022, the participants dived into an intensive 2-month talent development programme, the Pathway Mentorship Programme, to equip themselves with the skillsets for professional streaming. The mentees, between the ages of 19 to 31 years old, were from varied backgrounds including students, graphic designers, order fulfilment officers and a music teacher.

With a Pathway Crate (a toolkit worth up to $1,000 of hardware and software for streaming, sponsored by Logitech, Secretlab, Amarggeddon and Monster Energy) in tow, the mentees will be immersed in a weekly series of Masterclasses by local and regional streamers. Topics include building one's brand personality, how to grow and keep communities, mental and physical health well-being, sponsorships and analytics.

Established local Twitch streamers will be on hand to conduct 1-on-1 weekly mentoring sessions with the participants. To hone their streaming skills, content review sessions and collaboration opportunities will be made available.

Top-performing participants will be able to score a one-year contract with *SCAPE to be part of the *SCAPEesports Twitch team.

This is the second edition of the Pathway Mentorship Programme, the first being held in December 2020. Two of the mentees from its first batch, skyllabtw and tanggoz, subsequently transitioned to streaming professionally.

More information on the *SCAPE Streamer Residency is available at .

About *SCAPE

*SCAPE Co., Ltd is a non-profit organisation with its mission and vision rooted in support of youth, talent and leadership development. The organisation aims to facilitate youth-oriented programmes and support within various communities of youth interest in Singapore. The youth of today will be inspired and empowered to DREAM IT AND LIVE IT at *SCAPE!

*SCAPE exists to serve and support youths to live their dreams and realise their full potentials. As the integrated talent and resource hub for young people in Singapore, *SCAPE offers a holistic network of programmes, communities, partners and facilities for youths to explore, create and strive. No dream is too small, no dream is too big. *SCAPE wants youths to be inspired to come forward and share their interests, share their dreams. Through guidance and facilitation, *SCAPE wants to see their dreams turn into ideas, and ideas into reality. Living their dreams should no longer be a dream at *SCAPE.


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