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Science and Technology Daily: Chorus of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind -- China Unite the World to Fight Against the Covid-19

Science and Technology Daily: Chorus of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind -- China Unite the World to Fight Against the Covid-19

BEIJING, March 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Science and Technology Daily reported:

A timeline clearly recorded how China has taken the initiative to fulfill its international responsibilities and unite with the global society to fight against Covid-19. After the coronavirus outbroke, China immediately informed the WHO of the incident and maintained close communication with other countries.

On January 12, the WHO acknowledged the information of Covid-19's gene sequences shared by China.

On January 21, Chinese officials released the primers and probe sequences for Covid-19's nucleic acid detection.

From February 16 to 24, a WHO-China investigation team composed of professionals from different countries conducted a nine-day joint mission in China's four provinces. Meanwhile, China also offered instant supports as far as it could to the countries and regions that suffered from the spread of the Covid-19.

On February 24, Bruce Aylward, the leader of the investigation team, said in a press conference: "To the people of Wuhan, it is recognized that the world is in your debts." His words touched millions of people.

The sincere thanks from the international officials reflect a full recognition of China's great sacrifice and contributions to the war against the spread of Covid-19.

As reported by the investigation team, the decline of new cases of Covid-19 in China undoubtedly protected world security. It built the first line of defense to prevent the spread of Covid-19 throughout the world.

The team suggested that during the war against Covid-19, each country should actively monitor health situations, take actions for detection, diagnosis, isolation, and treatment as early as possible, and strictly track and isolate individuals having close contacts with Covid-19 patients. This is a valuable experience accumulated by China.

In addition, getting rid of prejudice and applying a variety of scientific and flexible methods into this war is the second suggestion from the team. For the novel virus like Covid-19, there is neither specific medicine nor vaccine. However, only the reaction of China to Covid-19 has been proved successful by facts, hence worth being learned by other countries.

In terms of scientific prevention and control of Covid-19, the action of China's leaders shows the world that "Science and Technology" is the most powerful weapon in the war against diseases. The laboratory of Tsinghua University's Beijing National Engineering Research Center for Biochips displayed the latest scientific achievements -- six microarray nucleic acid testing kits for respiratory viruses, and eight microarray nucleic acid testing kits for respiratory pathogens approved by China's National Medical Products Administration. These two microfluidic chips can effectively shunt patients through differential diagnosis. They have been put into clinical use in the Union Hospital affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tongji Hospital, Hubei Provincial People's Hospital, and "Huoshenshan" Hospital.

In the face of unknown viruses, human beings have not yet fully understood their generation mechanism, epidemic trend, transmission route, etc., which greatly requires information sharing and cooperation. China has developed effective methods for diagnosis and treatment, drug efficacy, community prevention, and public health education. It is being actively engaged in cooperation and information exchange with the WHO and the international community. The global efforts in the fight against epidemics create a chorus of the community with a shared future for mankind.


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