ScoutChain signs a MOU contract with India's Ambe International, an expert in outsourcing

Extended application of ScoutChain's developing verification system is expected to pave the road for the global market including the Middle East

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ScoutChain, developer behind highly anticipated blockchain-based recruitment platform, announced on 19th that it has reached a MOU agreement with Ambe International, (Director: Amal Saxena), India's leading overseas recruitment agency.

ScoutChain’s CEO Moon-Young-Chul (right) and Ambe International’s director Amal Saxena pose for pictures after signing the MOU contract. Source: ScoutChain
ScoutChain’s CEO Moon-Young-Chul (right) and Ambe International’s director Amal Saxena pose for pictures after signing the MOU contract. Source: ScoutChain

Using blockchain technology, ScoutChain is close to concretizing a new recruitment platform that allows direct exchanges of necessary data between the talent and the hiring company.

Ambe International is a global corporation that provides HR services in 18 nations including the United States, Europe, and Singapore. As Ambe International has agreed to employ ScoutChain's anticipated blockchain-based verification system, ScoutChain has gained an access to potential users of ScoutChain, the talents and hiring companies in the global market being serviced by Ambe International.

ScoutChain's verification system, the key point of this MOU contract, utilizes transparency and trusts, which are core characteristics of blockchain technology.

On ScoutChain's platform, each certifier verifies each experience of the job seeker. For example, an individual who previously worked in Company A and acquired License B needs verify each claim from Company A and the licensing institution respectively.

The verified experiences are recorded into the blockchain system and are disclosed transparently without serious threats of forgery due to the characteristics of the system. This allows the hiring companies who use ScoutChain's verification system to process hiring without a separate, in-house verification system.

Ambe International provides a large number of talents for manufacturing and construction companies that specialize in oil and gas facilities in the Middle East. As this is a highly specialized field, a verification system that can evaluate the candidate's expertise and level of proficiency as desired by the client is critical.

Ambe International's Director Amal Saxena forecasted that using ScoutChain's verification system will shorten the duration required for verifying one candidate's experience by maximum of 6 months.

He explained, "As an expert in overseas recruitment, we have to sufficiently review and verify the candidate's experiences. This process cannot be overlooked as it is the basis of trust with our clients, but it does complicate and often unnecessarily delay the hiring process."

ScoutChain's CEO Moon-Young-Chul expressed his confidence in his statement: "Having a system that can verify facts can significantly lower the costs and time for hiring processes in corporations. Starting with this MOU contract, ScoutChain will aim to accelerate its growth in the global market."

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