Secoo Aims to Structure a Lifestyle Premium Platform by Expanding Business

BEIJING, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 17 in Beijing, a brand upgrade press conference was held by Secoo, announcing a new slogan 'devoted you to' and introducing the brand's expansion plans to the public.

Considered as a luxury e-commerce platform is not comprehensive, Secoo's vision is to become a premium lifestyle platform. Luxury products will be only a part of business, Secoo plans to expand more business and better services for high-end consumers to enhance overall lifestyle premium service.

"Secoo is emphasizing the importance of lifestyle, luxury e-commerce is only the carrier for us," said Richard, Rixue Li, the founder and CEO of Secoo Group. "We expand our business to satisfy comprehensive demands for consumers. Secoo tries to establish an offline & online integrated platform. Consumers can not only buy luxury products from our platform, they can also communicate and interact in our physical stores, they can enjoy the best services that other platform cannot offer. An overall platform is our purpose."

At the April 17 event, Secoo announced the upgrade plans for all its businesses in accordance with the ten-year anniversary in July to maximize the lifestyle concept and service to its high-end consumers. The business upgrades include:

Customization: Secoo will provide limited customization products with other brands. For instance, in June Secoo will collaborate with fashion brand Emotionally Unavailable, which is designed by Chinese actor and rapper Edison Chen and designers of Undefeated KB Lee.

Personalization: Secoo will cooperate with travel agencies to launch high-end premium travel for consumers, offering personalized routes and best services; Secoo will also provide health and personalized educational packages for consumers to ensure the quality of service.

Rental: Secoo will launch a rental service for consumers who have not decided which bags or watches to buy, by providing them a seven-day experience.

Partnership: Secoo will collaborate with Parkson Retail Group to embrace cosmetics products, to offer a newly integrated online offline retail shopping experience.

Socializing: Secoo will cooperate with Pernod Richard Group to release a customized pre-mixed cocktail '24/7 by SECOO' and will build offline bars in major cities, to create interactive and social offline locations.

Co-branding: Secoo will cooperate with a famous fruit brand, offering the best quality oranges. In the future, Secoo will also cooperate with farms and fruit growers to release premium vegetables, fruits and meat.

In addition, Secoo finance reached agreements with more than 20 banks for the installment business; Secoo EEC targets business service, building consumers' data and sharing business value; Secoo Coosir Project signed more than 1,000 KOL, modeling trend and leading consumption direction.

In 2018, Secoo will continue to provide the best service for high-end consumers, driving the company's future growth.

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