SECOO Joins Forces with Fashion Blogger Becky to Create an Upscale Offline Experience Space


BEIJING, April 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 20, SECOO, the largest premium lifestyle platform in Asia, joined forces with fashion blogger Becky for the lifestyle exhibition themed "Becky's Choice: Mobile Walk-in Closet" at the SECOO offline experience center in Beijing. As part of the blogger exhibition co-offered by SECOO and fashion opinion leaders, this event marks the beginning of a series exhibitions, and it will be available until May 4, 2019, followed by more co-created themed exhibitions by SECOO and popular bloggers. In this pleasant and fabulous season, this event presents the exquisite lifestyle of China's most influential fashion blogger to high-end consumers passionate about their lives.

The SECOO exhibition involving thousands of bloggers is intended to establish a new online and offline interactive marketing scenario. For this offline lifestyle exhibition, the spatial layout was modeled after Becky's personal style. Meanwhile, SECOO worked together with over 100 online brand partners to render an elegant and beautiful lifestyle palace. On that day, fashion blogger Becky, dressed in a black V-neck blouse and pink printed skirt with frills, an outfit available for purchase at the exhibition as well, showed up as fabulous as ever. As a super popular fashion blogger followed by tens of thousands of fans, Becky is hailed as an exceptionally influential figure in the we-media community, capable of transforming followers into purchasing power. She said during the event, "This is my second offline meeting with fans in Beijing in recent years. It's a great delight of mine to cooperate with SECOO, which is a first for me to work together with a brand to create such a large offline experience space. It totally represents my fashion concepts. SECOO has been dedicated to building premium lifestyle scenarios for a long time." SECOO and Becky created an exclusive mini program for this event together, creating a more convenient and highly digitalized purchasing environment. This is an amazing new experience and a great surprise for her followers.

The event attracted many major high-end fashion brands which communicated fascinatingly delicate and homey feelings, rendering a real "Becky's Mobile Walk-in Closet". Every product displayed in the space was up for sale by purchasers scanning the QR Code. Fashion blogger Becky interacted with five fans and launched an activity titled "Dress-up Competition". The clothes of the fans' outfits in the activity are readily available at SECOO. The color combination just felt right and the style was nothing but ingenious. The overall look was strikingly stylish, vigorous and fascinating.

Moreover, Becky shared her thoughts on the up-to-date outfit trends in vogue this summer with visitors and unveiled her incredible shoe collection comprised of 175 pairs and accordingly her purchasing power as well as her favorite accessories. She was amazed after learning that her all-time-favorite new LOUIS VUITTON waist pouch was available at SECOO and deeply impressed by the great appeal of SECOO to brands. She also shared her everyday styling techniques with guests present, and encouraged her readers to find their own fashion styles. The informative and rewarding talk demonstrated her unparalleled fashion instinct.

Founded in 2008, SECOO now serves more than 27 million high-end customers and offers products and services sourced from over 3,000 famous domestic and international brands, as China and Asia's largest online upscale product and service platform. In recent years, aside from offering premium and wonderful experiences to consumers through e-commerce platforms and offline stores, SECOO has also begun to explore solutions to satisfy more unmet needs of consumers. The aim of the SECOO exhibition involving thousands of bloggers is to combine brand advertising with advertising effects, and to achieve mass sales marketing and word of mouth conversion for multiple brands through immersive experience. As Candy Xiong, General Manager of International Brand Center, who attended the event, said, "This event is a brand new online and offline purchasing scenario based on the characteristics of the fashion blogger. SECOO integrates multiple resources and brings in the data to support many brands, such as top digital platform Sina and Tencent. SECOO, breaking the traditional marketing models where fashion bloggers promote sales through distribution channel only, present bloggers' real life authentically, which is consistent with our integrated online and offline comprehensive service model. The idea of 'devoted to you' is the brand vision of SECOO and this event has further elevated that idea."

Since the release of the strategic concept "devoted to you", SECCO is on the way to building a larger resources pool along with high-end brands, avant-garde designers, professional buyers and fashion bloggers, and securing strategic value under mutually beneficial win-win cooperation. The lifestyle exhibition "Becky's Choice: Mobile Walk-in Closet", co-created by SECOO and fashion blogger Becky, kicks off SECOO's blogger exhibition involving thousands of bloggers. SECCO is going to hold other online or offline themed exhibitions with famous bloggers in China to communicate more marvelous life aesthetics to a wider scope of high-end fashion consumers through mutually beneficial exhibitions.

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