Secoo Launched Weibo High-End Consumption Influence White Paper

Secoo Launched Weibo High-End Consumption Influence White Paper

BEIJING, Jan. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On 9 January 2019, Secoo launched a white paper researching high-end consumers and social media high-end consumption influence. Among Secoo luxury consumers who are using Weibo, younger generations occupy a larger portion, upwards of 70%. Surprisingly, this proportion of luxury consumers is larger than that in the Weibo population, a clear sign of trends shifting to younger generations.

The attention of online luxury consumers on high-end brands will bring promotion conversion value on Weibo for those brands. It is also evident some brands like European and American ladies brand are more likely to attract the attention of luxury consumers than other beautiful Japanese and Korean cosmetics brands.

For online luxury consumers, Weibo content about weddings, babies, clothing, food, housing, transportation, literature, fun, design and pets has much higher interest than others on Weibo (TGI>150), which can be target content for trans-boundary cooperation. Travel wedding photography topics such as "Travel with Wedding Dress" have constant discussion and unique wedding dress designers have many followers.

Another statistic revealed that the luxury consumer groups has a higher proportion of people focusing on the high-performance & luxury cars than the overall Weibo population does. Using this information, the characteristics and preferences of the online luxury consumer group can be used as references by car brands for marketing purpose.

Mainstream celebrities such as movie celebrities (54%), singers (52%) and domestic celebrities (51%) are of great interest to the luxury consumer group, and their preference for comedy celebrities is higher than that of the overall Weibo population (TGI=207). Besides the mainstream celebrities, comedy stars, who are funny and interesting, are also the luxury consumer group's favorite.

In addition, Weibo KOL also received plenty of attention from consumers. The engagement of the luxury fans of Mr. Bags is highest at 9AM, 1PM, 6PM and 10PM, which is a little different from that of all other fans of Mr. Bags. This is a clear indication that the highest engagement of the luxury consumer group among fans appears on the rest time of each day. Promotion based on the engagement timeline of the luxury consumer group will therefore be more efficient.

An important note is that all fans of Mr. Bags follow many other KOLs. The luxury fans are not only interested in related topics such as cosmetics, street photography and VSCO palette, but also training programs like English and overseas study. Therefore, training programs and fashion information can reach the potential luxury consumption fans of Mr. Bags.

It was also noted that among online luxury consumers, those in a relationship have a higher TGI than the overall population on Weibo; content such as "wedding celebration" and "wedding photography" is of greater interest to them than the overall Weibo population. Wedding celebration-related content can be used as a trans-boundary approach to influence online luxury consumers.

The Secoo luxury consumer group focuses more on unique wedding dress designers and talks about overseas travel photography -Tahiti, Santorini, Paris and many more. The luxury group pursues a unique and innovative wedding experience.

It is no surprise, therefore, that online luxury consumers actively participate in the discussion of Weibo topics such as weight loss and working out; accounts revolving around healthy diets and yoga have high TGI. Online luxury consumers focus on their body shape, which combined with high-frequency movements such as gym selfies, stimulate trans-boundary content sharing.

Home accounts also show a high Luxury Index among luxury consumers. The consumers are involved in Weibo topics such as Nordic-style Interior Decoration and Home Storage. Luxury consumers pursue a multi-faceted exquisite lifestyle, so home-related content can be used as a trans-boundary approach.

Car related accounts, such as car performance testing and car pricing, have received significant attention and a high Luxury Index. Weibo topics such as tuned cars and sport cars trigger hot discussions among online luxury consumers. Before purchasing a car, the luxury consumers will deeply research auto performance, tuned car, sport car, etc., which will generally arouse hot discussion on Weibo.

Interestingly, over half of the luxury group live in 1st and 2nd cities (Over 60%). Compared with other consumer groups, the beauty consumer group is spread out among cities of different classifications; experienced luxury products consumers for products such as clothing, watches & jewelry are generally clustered into 1st Tier Cities; for beauty, bags & shoes consumer groups, the consumer group in 2nd Tier cities has a higher TGI than cities of other classifications (Over 200).

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