Secured a New Round Financing, Testin's Portfolio Vackbot Lead Cybersecurity into AI Era

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Testin's portfolio company, Vackbot, announced that it has just secured a new round of financing led by Lenovo. "Vackbot will surely step up our efforts of security services to all developers with Testin's one-stop application test solution", said Bin Liu, the founder and CEO of Vackbot, "Vackbot will also enhance in network security artificial intelligence research and development."

With Alpha Go's winning, AI has become a hot topic. On one hand, people are expecting AI to provide more convenience to our life. On the other hand, people are worrying about hackers, they worry that hackers will use AI in attacks linked with mobile apps and Internet of Things. Security problems are what people concern in life.

In order to solve this problem, Vackbot is developing an AI engine to simulate hacker methods and breach scenarios, like a virtual hacker robot. It can perform attack operation continuously to identify breach scenarios across applications, systems and networking, it will eventually evolve the problem and surpass human engineers in iterative cycles.

The process of Vackbot's virtual attacks will not affect the normal condition of internet device and it will not harm test target's data. After the test, through reports, people can quantify the risk. The attack's purpose is to find vulnerabilities and loopholes before hacker attacks. In this way, companies can fix loopholes in time and improve the security conditions in time.

Advantages of Vackbot compared to traditional tests

Aside from the continuously long-time work, AI is still high-efficient.

Vackbot can also detect information on different test devices. In this way, it can detect loopholes difficult to find. Vackbot has strong adaptability and study ability. When one loophole is blocked, it will turn to another loophole and attack again. In these ways AI can help companies to test over a wider range and more intelligent.

Vackbot can simulate human analytical skills through artificial intelligence algorithm, which will solve the problem of lacking of security staff. The way it react when the system is threatened is effective. It is a big advantage that Vackbot can save time, which the traditional security tests can not compete with.

AI era of Internet Security has arrived

The challenge  for cybersecurity is to discover unknown vulnerabilities, the bigger challenge is that security engineers should discover these vulnerabilities before hackers. However, the biggest challenge is whether people can continuously find and match these vulnerabilities in massive data, because it is difficult for people to do repetitive work. What's more, the most unpredictable risk comes from the "human" who mastered these loopholes, it is the greatest potential risk. Keep training safety robot simulation scenario scripts for safety engineers, you can continue to identify security vulnerabilities, but ultimately it is not a guarantee that the threat will not exist.

Artificial intelligence has become the most mature and effective technology of the year in both deep learning and machine learning. This is an undoubtedly declare that the Internet is entering the artificial intelligence era. AI security detection is crucial to the fields of internet, smart driving, Internet of Things and Industrial Internet.

Vackbot got Testin's strategic investment a few months ago. With Testin's brand, clients and market resources, Vackbot will quickly bring its artificial intelligence security services to the market.

About Vackbot

Vackbot ( is a cybersecurity platform with virtual hacker technology based on artificial intelligence, it specializes in the research of technologies related to continuous security verification and fixing system leakage before being hacked.

About Testin

Testin ( is the global leader in One-Stop-Application cloud testing services for applications such as web, mobile web, H5, native mobile APP, Lite APP, mobile games, VR/AR, wearable, AI, smart home, smart driving, IoT and industrial APP developers to provide the necessary one-stop testing services and quality assurance. Testin is the disruptor of the traditional software testing service mode, combine AI automated real device SaaS testing, crowdsourcing testing, full stack security testing and continuous big data analysis, succeeded not only in capturing the domestic market of China but also in sett its foot of the global arena, has now continued to serve more than 800,000 developers with their 2.3+ million APPs, branding clients including most tier 1 internet entities and McDonald's, Nestle, Starbucks, Daimler, BMW, Philips and Kabam, etc. Testin has been certified by ISO9000, ISO27001, ISO20000, ISO17025, CMMI3 and CNAS, aim to help developers build confidence in their applications and ensure a good user experience. Testin has secured US$84.9 million in 3 rounds of IDG, Banyan, Haiyin, and CEL. Testin has been recognized as 2015 and 2016 Deloitte High-Tech & Growth Top 50 China, Red Herring Finalist 2014 Asia 100, 2015 Global 100 and 2017 Red Herring Global 100 Winner.

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