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Securily is Transforming Cybersecurity for Businesses with its AI-driven Pentest Software

Discover the world’s easiest penetration testing (pentest) with Securily. The company combined advanced artificial intelligence with certified human pentesters’ expertise to identify digital vulnerabilities, ensure compliance, and enhance security.

Cybersecurity is a crucial issue for modern businesses, as a large percentage of consumer interactions are conducted online. Companies that cannot offer their customers a safe, secure website aren’t likely to stay in business long. Securily is transforming the digital security industry for small and medium-sized businesses with AI-driven penetration testing as a service (PTaaS).

Securily's founders said, "Our solutions help businesses secure deals, achieve certifications, and maintain robust protection against evolving threats." 

Securily is currently emphasizing its work with businesses that integrate generative AI or build homegrown AI systems to assist in showing proof of compliance through pentesting. The AI EU Act sets a new global standard for artificial intelligence regulation. Securily is prepared to help US businesses understand and prepare for the increased scrutiny and compliance requirements accompanying such legislation. The company’s skilled team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help businesses navigate the new regulatory challenges.

“Our services ensure continuous testing and robust security postures, enabling companies to comply with both current and anticipated regulations effectively,” Securily representatives said. 

Security with Securily

With digital applications, the previous pentest becomes obsolete after each new version. Securily sees pentesting as the beginning of a continuous compliance journey.

“We don’t want you to miss the biggest customer of your life,” Securily founders said. “Tech founders develop innovative products that solve costly problems and attract life-changing buyers, but their security compliance can slow the buying process to a point that they lose their biggest opportunities.”

Scoped by AI

Secuily’s AI analyzes the client’s application and infrastructure to scope the pentest.

Manual Penetration Test

A certified Securily penetration tester is assigned to the client’s account to begin testing.

Remediation Roadmap

The client’s dedicated Cyber Success Manager guides the team through remediation to correct issues.

Continuous Compliance

Securily continues to monitor the client’s security posture to ensure ongoing compliance.

Navigating AI Regulations

The EU AI Act implements stringent requirements for high-risk AI systems. These new guidelines include comprehensive risk assessment, transparency, and human oversight. Securily’s pentesting services are designed to meet these needs while providing continuous vulnerability assessments and remediation guidance. 

“By leveraging Securily’s advanced penetration testing services, AI-reliant businesses can continuously test their applications to ensure ongoing compliance and robust security,” the company’s founders said. “Our AI-powered platform delivers rapid, accurate results that allow businesses to maintain a secure digital environment while meeting regulatory standards.”

The Power of Expert Penetration Testing

In the digital age, data is often considered a new form of currency. For businesses, customer trust can be the ultimate asset. Fortunately, companies can lean on Securily as the cybersecurity guardians they didn’t know they needed. The company’s pentesting service goes beyond compliance to create a frictionless, streamlined process that transforms a cloud-based business into a secure, compliant venture that sells.

“While other pentest platforms stop at your security roadmap, we seamlessly integrate cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance, making it effortlessly easy for you,” Securily’s founders said.

Securily offers various plans for companies of varying sizes and security needs. Services include unlimited free retesting, a money-back satisfaction guarantee, unlimited targets, and unrestricted support via Slack.

Achieving and Maintaining Compliance

Compliance isn't a one-stop journey with Securily. The company continues to monitor and test clients' applications, ensuring robust security and ongoing compliance. As AI regulations evolve globally, Securily is committed to helping businesses stay ahead of compliance requirements to protect client data and secure operations.

Strategic Partnerships

The Boca Raton-based company has partnered with certified AI governance professional organizations to strengthen Securily’s ability to assist clients. Securily proudly announced its integration with compliance certification unicorn Vanta. This partnership allows businesses to link their Vanta accounts with Securily’s platform to provide an effortless, intuitive experience. The integration lets users instantly access and send their pentest and remediation reports with a single click and underscores the company’s commitment to simplifying cybersecurity and supporting clients. 

“Our partnerships allow us to help businesses implement AI and large language models in a compliant manner,” Securily representatives said. “This proactive approach not only helps businesses mitigate risks but also prepares them for potential future regulations in the US.”


Visit the Securily website to learn more about the DevOps-ready PTaaS platform and its dedicated service to guide clients through the cybersecurity and compliance journey. Reach out on Facebook or Twitter (X) to connect with the brand on social media.

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