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Senoko Energy Launches SolarShare 2.0, Accelerating Singapore’s Green Energy Journey to Net Zero

Senoko Energy Launches SolarShare 2.0, Accelerating Singapore’s Green Energy Journey to Net Zero
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 18 October 2023 - Senoko Energy today, announced the launch of SolarShare 2.0 – the first commercially available peer-to-peer grid scale trading platform for solar energy in the country. Following the successful launch of the pilot project back in 2020, SolarShare 2.0 is set to revolutionise the energy landscape by enabling businesses and households in Singapore to be powered, at scale, with renewable energy. In line with the government's goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, SolarShare 2.0 seeks to enable businesses and households to enjoy sustainable green energy 24/7 in time to come, when green energy imports and battery storage become available. With this innovative peer-to-peer trading platform, businesses and households will be able to buy and sell their own solar energy at their preferred price, making it more accessible and affordable. Senoko customers will be able to buy energy matched to specific solar generators, or from a community pool of excess solar energy. Another key feature of SolarShare 2.0 is that it allows businesses and households to track the source, time, and price of solar energy over the grid as well as measure and trace their energy consumption every half hourly. This transparency enables businesses and households to monitor their energy usage and make informed decisions to further reduce their carbon footprint.

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Mr. Eric Maka, President & CEO of Senoko Energy (首席执行官, 圣诺哥能源), said: "SolarShare 2.0 is one of our key decarbonisation initiatives, along with our recent partnership with City Energy to jointly study the technical and commercial feasibility of the import and supply of hydrogen. These initiatives demonstrate Senoko's strong commitment to playing our part to help Singapore achieve its net zero vision.

Mr. James Chong, Senior Vice President, Commercial of Senoko Energy (商务高级副总 裁, 圣诺哥能), said: "SolarShare 2.0 has been designed to empower businesses and households on their green energy journey by enabling them to use clean solar energy from fellow Senoko Energy customers. By enabling consumers to measure and trace their carbon footprint, they will not only be able to better understand how they can be more efficient but importantly, be able to take charge of their energy consumption."

Mr. Chong further added, "With this initiative, we are also looking to encourage property owners with rooftop space to install solar panels. By contributing excess energy to the grid that can be shared with the community, Singaporeans can do their part to help strengthen Singapore's energy security."

Mr. Steve Hoy, CEO of Enosi, an Australian energy traceability company, said: "SolarShare 2.0 allows everyone to become an active participant in the green energy revolution. The platform's intuitiveness paves the way for businesses and households to take intelligent decisions, enhance their energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint as well as overall costs. Our customers in Australia are already benefiting from access to solar energy for households, and better returns from rooftop solar investment for businesses. Enosi looks forward to collaborating with Senoko and leveraging our combined knowledge of energy distribution and traceability on the path to a zero-carbon energy future.

SolarShare 2.0 will now be available exclusively to all Senoko Energy's business and household customers from November 1, 2023. Businesses and households utilising the trading platform will be charged a platform subscription fee of as low as S$5.40 (including GST) per month. For more information about SolarShare 2.0 and how to participate, please visit

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About Senoko Energy

Senoko Energy Pte Ltd provides energy for life to generations of Singaporeans, delivering safe, innovative, and efficient energy supply to customers since 1977. Integral to Singapore's development, it is a pioneer in power generation and energy solutions, serving Singapore's energy needs with proven reliable performance. As one of the largest power generation companies by installed capacity in Singapore, Senoko Energy has a registered capacity of 2,644 megawatts (MW), providing about one-fifth of the nation's electricity needs. It is owned by a consortium comprising Marubeni Corporation, ENGIE, The Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc. and Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Visit for more information

About Enosi Energy

Enosi is an energy software leader backed by cleantech investors including ReNu Energy (ASX: RNE). Its Powertracer product is a world-first mass-market scalable, clean energy traceability solution. Tracing carbon free energy is quickly becoming the next global sustainability benchmark and Enosi has built the platform to address this need and enable traceability from source to socket 24/7. Powertracer achieves this by providing full traceability so that consumers can see exactly where their energy is generated. The platform matches units of energy produced by generators with units consumed by customers in the same 30- minute period. Enosi's software uses scalable cloud-based technology to trace the energy from renewable sources, apply differentiated pricing, and reveal the true renewable content of the energy purchased. Powertracer is raising the bar as a pioneer of true zero, a new standard for sustainable renewable energy use. Learn more at .

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