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Seoul Smart City Platform and Seoul Homegrown Startups to Be Showcased at CES

Seoul Smart City Platform and Seoul Homegrown Startups to Be Showcased at CES

Home to a Digital Open Government, AI Made Humanlike Voices, Braille Enabled Kiosks, Spatial Recognizing Parking Aides, Tactile Mouse Rings and Gadgets Beyond

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Seoul Business Agency (SBA) announces that Seoul Metropolitan Government will join home grown startups at the CES 2020 Seoul Pavilion located in the startup area of Eureka Park in Hall G, Sands Expo Convention Center, themed Seoul Smart City & Smart Life, which encapsulates the city's desire to make its citizen's lives more convenient with smart technologies implemented by the government, to showcase exemplary open government services with its Seoul Smart City Platform amongst 20 other technological innovations.

The Seoul Smart City Platform is the world's first digital administrative platform. Powered by information and communication technologies the platform enables policy makers to have a complete real-time view of what's happening in the city and communicate directly with their staff in the field, which facilitates informed policy decisions it aims to provide.

Based on the administrative philosophy that "citizens are the mayors," the Seoul Metropolitan Government has publicly deployed the platform to its mobile website and digital information kiosks in metro stations, providing citizens with the same real-time access as the mayor to information on transportation, disasters, air quality, consumer prices, day-to-day matters and other available big data. Foreign government officials visiting Seoul have also shown keen interest in the philosophy and technology behind the platform.

The 20 notable technology startups accompanying the Seoul Metropolitan Government are WARP Solution, KONO CORPORATION LTD., IRISYS Co., Ltd., R.O.C.K Co., Ltd., Dot Incorporation, Neosapience, Inc., EnableWow, DermaMirror, Perfitt, Hancom Mobility, Inc., CUBE AI, Dash Company, THIRDEYE ROBOTICS Co., Ltd., ENERNET, LUPLE, Smart Diagnosis, Inc., CURAUM Inc., Nuvi labs, PiQuant and Letsee, Inc.

Each travelling startup has its own superb root technology, commercially available products and services waiting to be introduced during the open pitching session and exhibition booths setup to greet visitors.

  1. Warp Solution Inc. has created the next generation wireless charging device. The company holds the technology for a power amplifier for long-range wireless charging based on radio frequency. It's Smart Pad Mini allows contact-based and over-the-air wireless charging for not just mobile phones but any other small appliance with wireless charging capabilities. It opens opportunities for daily desktop appliances like a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, power bank, desk lamp, smart watch, humidifier, etc. In the longer term, it can be customized and applied to wireless and contactless charging for cars, medical devices, industrial machinery, retail trackers.
  2. Kono Corporation Ltd. developed an afterimage swinging light device that allows individuals to create optical illusions in the air for recreational use or even serve as an emergency warning signal. Simply typing the desired keyword in a dedicated smartphone app and activating the device enables use. Past accolades include a Reddot Design Award and 2019 CES Asia innovation Award.
  3. IRISYS Co., Ltd. provides biometric recognition technology in digital door locks and access control systems. Infrared light-based facial recognition and iris recognition technology can be used for contactless.
  4. R.O.C.K Co., Ltd. developed a wearable ring equipped with a tactile sensor. It's smart ring mouse can perform all the conventional functions of an existing mouse with a 2D movement span, adding a tactile feature enables pressure as a variable in a 3D environment.
  5. Dot Incorporation, a technology company with a vision to help the visually impaired. Its Dot Cell technology based on electro magnet micro actuator is 20 times smaller, ten times lighter than the existing tech allowing the devices to be significantly more affordable. Starting with the launch of its Braille enabled smart watch, Dot Watch in 2018, the e-Book reader style tablet dubbed Dot Mini was released November 2019. A public information kiosk Dot Public is also in the works.
  6. Neosapience, Inc. created a speech synthesis technology that encapsulates emotions and personality voice alongside speech translation technology. Commercial product is TypeCast, an AI voice actor service to create humanlike voiceover recordings for audiobooks, podcasts, video dubbings.
  7. Enable Wow has developed Showtap to embed customizable and moveable hyperlinks in various presentation software like MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Presentation, etc. A single tap to a conventional presentation screen can reveal videos, photos and third party hosted content making the experience more interactive and immersive.
  8. DermaMirror Co., Ltd. provides hardware and software to scan and analyze skin conditions.
  9. Perfitt, Inc. manufactures a 3D foot scanner for finding the perfect pair of shoes. Not just finding the best size it also aims to recommend the best styles to change in-store experiences as well as e-commerce convenience.
  10. Hancom Mobility enables efficient parking reservations with sensors providing real-time occupancy information with dedicated apps for drivers and parking space owners.
  11. Cube AI creates a valet parking system with cameras sensing space and software guiding movements of the car.
  12. Dash Company invented a shared micro mobility station that can help organize, charge, maintain and allow P2P lending of mobility devices.
  13. Thirdeye Robotics, Co. Ltd. created a fixed wing drone, Thirdeye JI-HO, that combines benefits of rotary and fixed wing drones. It can take off and land vertically while also hover mid-air. The Thirdeye GCS enables smartphones and tablets to serve as controllers without a dedicated LTE SIM chip.
  14. Enernet is enables remote power meter tracking with power line communication technology. Its Advanced Metering Infrastructure System helps manage the national power grid, provide consumer energy efficiency solutions, prevent theft and conduct demand response.
  15. Luple uses AI to find the link between lighting and human behavior. Not just providing reactive lighting for ideal environments it aims to impact human bio rhythms to improve motivation, concentration, productivity and overall wellness with various lighting settings.
  16. Smart Diagnosis, Inc. developed a contactless heart activity tracker that uses pupil movement detected by a smartphone background app CardiVu.
  17. Curaum makes Cliumcleaner a compact and ultrasonic cleaning device for dentures and orthodontic braces with UV sanitization capabilities and offers mobile app control.
  18. Nuvi labs holds photographic food analysis technology that can measure and provide nutritional information of food matter. Can be used for dietary restriction and minimizing food waste.
  19. PiQuant Co. Ltd. Makes affordable component analysis devices that can be used as sensors to almost anything at a molecule level. Use cases can be functional testing for water purifiers, gas leak detection, detergent residue checking in washing machines, detecting rotting food in refrigerators and more.
  20. Letsee created a WebAR SDK to enable mobile web-based AR experience. It reduces development costs, storage space, easy to access and publish.

About Seoul Metropolitan Government

Currently led by mayor Park Wonsoon, Seoul is a home to almost a fifth of South Korean population (total population 51,224,577 in 2018, source) with 10,049,607 residents (2018, source). As the nation's capital city, it hosts most political functions, cultural attractions, businesses and best infrastructure. It is Korea's most wired area with high density of publicly available high-speed Wi-Fi, seamless public transportation systems aided by the Traffic Operation & Information Service (TOPIS). More information is available at the official website.

About Seoul Digital Foundation

Mandated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government the foundation conducts research and consultation on information and communication technology (ICT) to perform our core responsibilities, which includes: fostering a digital economy, solving urban issues through innovative technologies, assisting information technology (IT) startups in Seoul, developing and providing digital literacy education for residents of Seoul, managing the Gaepo Digital Innovation Park, and hosting the annual Seoul International Digital Festival. More information is available at the official website.

About Seoul Business Agency (SBA)

SBA is a business support institution for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in Seoul, run by Seoul metropolitan government. It was established to promote and develop industries and to provide comprehensive and systematic support to SMEs located in Seoul. SBA provides a variety of public services such as support for start-ups (including business of foreign residents in Seoul through Seoul Global Center), R&D, intellectual property, development of market outlet for small businesses, overseas export, SETEC (Trade exhibition for SMEs) and so forth. These services aim to help SMEs increase their market competitiveness. Furthermore, SBA strives to create and activate industrial clusters such as DMC and G Valley and is actively participating in fostering aspiring future industries such as cultural content industries (web cartoon, animation, game, etc.), and IT and IoT related industries. More information is available at the official website.


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