Shanghai International Advertising Festival 2018 -- Creating an International Culture of Innovation

SHANGHAI, Sept. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On the seventh of September this year, the first Shanghai International Advertising Festival Launch Conference was held in the China Financial Information Center, indicating the start of the long-awaited grand event of the advertising industry. Hundreds of advertising innovators, corporate executives, media experts and industry leaders witnessed the realization of the advertising dream of several generations.

Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF), an annual world-leading event, is held by Shanghai International Advertising Festival Committee and Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd, guided by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce, and supported by the People's Government of Qingpu District, Donghao Lansheng Group, and Shanghai University.

The event will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center from March 28 to 30, 2018. It brings together displays and demonstrations, content and techniques, evaluations and observations, industrial and academic exchanges ranging from the creative advertising ideas, urban expositions, brand communications, technological innovations to media images, etc. The birth of the SHIAF is not only a milestone to mark Shanghai, the metropolis, with its own international advertising festival; but also serves as an active response to The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by the Chinese government, to be taken as a platform to promote exchanges and cooperation among global cultural creativity industries, to optimize the structure of cultural and creative industries in Shanghai, to enhance industrial efficiency and innovation capacity, and to propel the globalization of the local Chinese brands.

Shanghai International Advertising Festival launch conference in Shanghai
Shanghai International Advertising Festival launch conference in Shanghai

To Create a world-class advertising industry exchange platform

Shanghai is not only the birthplace and innovation hub of China's modern advertising industry but also China's advertising business center. At present, the organization of SHIAF is conducive to further development of Shanghai's advertising industry and cultural innovation industry, it aims to highlight the urban connotation and cultural charm and further expand the cultural influence and attractiveness of Shanghai as an international innovative metropolis.

Inspired by the tenet of "BEYOND VISION", the first SHIAF is committed to building a top advertising industry exchange platform, promoting the interaction among international leading advertising media groups, brand enterprises, government agencies, institutions of higher learning and China Market, and attracting more international and professional talents, and adequate capitals, techniques and resources. At the same time, the SHIAF aims to build a world-class platform for the outstanding local advertising enterprises and the science and technology innovation team characterized by pioneering leadership, and further facilitate the vigorous development of Shanghai's cultural and creative industries and even those of China at large.

The judges are all experts in the advertising industry at home and abroad.

The Shanghai International Advertising Festival Organizing Committee is mainly composed of units from Shanghai Advertising Association and international advertising groups. 29 companies from the advertising industry have reportedly pledged to support the festival, including world-class advertising media enterprises and six international advertising companies.

Experts from the world's top brand enterprises, creative companies, communication agencies, industry organizations and academic institutions, will be invited to participate in the selection session. Meanwhile, an international jury will be established to actively launch a brand activity with international influence, with Tomaz Mo (from Macao China) acting as the President of the jury and Professor Williams (from America) as the Global Consultant and Academic Chairman.

Rich in content, SHIAF leads the advancement of the whole advertising business.

The Shanghai International Advertising Festival Awards are officially issued by the SHIAF committee,with the intention to build the most vigorous and promising global event, where individuals, businesses and teams are awarded for their manifesting leading spirits, applying innovative and creative ideas to business operations and public welfare activities in a real sense, and having achieved outstanding achievements. The Awards are composed of review and selection categories, covering the design of creative ideas, brand marketing, technological innovations, media communications, national images and urban expositions. This award foresees the developmental trends of the industry and leads the advancement of the advertising business.

The introduction of the SHIAF was presented by Xu Zhenglin, SHIAF Executive Secretary and Professor of Shanghai University.

The contest recruitment will close in late December 2017, and the first and final review will be conducted in early January. Winning works in the first review will be exhibited in National Exhibition and Convention Center, site of Shanghai International Advertising Festival. All the final winning works will be displayed in APPPEXPO tour exhibition, held by the SHIAF host-Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

SHIAF consists of one main forum and six sub-forums. The main forum is "The Belt and Road Initiative" and the National Advertising Industry Development Forum.

The Sub-forums are Advertising Industry and Capital International Forum, Digital Marketing International Forum, Business Innovation Forum, Advertising Education International President Forum, Public Service Advertising Forum (undetermined) , City Image Forum (undetermined). SHIAF Organizing Committee will present an international feast with high standards in cooperation with domestic and international professional organizations, institutions and elites relevant to the advertising industry.

The exhibition unit of Shanghai International Advertising Festival will be divided into six sections: brand, creativity, media, city, equipment and shortlisted works. The winning works in SHIAF will be presented according to the classification, to popularize the outstanding achievements of domestic and foreign advertising creativity, and to promote the exchange of international culture and creativity. By docking the creative front-end with the equipment terminal, Advertising and Printing Technology Equipment Exhibition will be held at the same time to establish the international resources network docking channel, to popularize Shanghai advertising and advanced technology and equipment docking, and to enhance the advertising design strength.

SHIAF is expected to become a new City Card of Shanghai and a new brand for the advertising industry. More related information is available on its official website, or on its official WeChat public ID: Shanghai International Advertising Festival.

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