"Share the Weal and Woe Together in the Same Boat" Fosun, Taikang, together with other Benevolent Enterprises Donate Medical Supplies to Germany

"Share the Weal and Woe Together in the Same Boat" Fosun, Taikang, together with other Benevolent Enterprises Donate Medical Supplies to Germany

HONG KONG, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The second batch of over 37,000 pieces of medical supplies donated by Shanghai Fosun Foundation ("Fosun Foundation"), together with Beijing Taikang Yicai Foundation, German private bank Hauck & Aufhäuser, and German fast fashion brand Tom Tailor was delivered to Frankfurt helping local medical organizations to fight against the epidemic.

This batch of over 37,000 pieces of medical supplies and 5,040 doses of novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kits will be donated to Germany's Ministry of Health and Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund ("ASB"). Since Fosun has kicked off its second phase of Global Anti-Virus Relief Scheme, this is the thirteenth batch of medical supplies shipped overseas.

In view of this, Mr. Clemens von Goetze, German Ambassador to China representing Federal Government of Germany wrote a "Letter of appreciation" to particularly extend its gratitude to Fosun, for their kind donation of protective supplies at such a critical time. He said, "Fosun is the first Chinese enterprise to contact German Embassy and offer a helping hand." "We appreciate the empathy and kindness. It's glad to see the bonding between China and Germany still stays strong in crisis."

German is currently facing a severe epidemic situation. According to the latest announcement of the Robert Koch Institute of German Disease Control Agency, as of 29 March, local time, a total of 60,357 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia had been confirmed, and 456 deaths had been reported in Germany.

As a core member of the emergency medical system in Germany, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) mainly provides protection and emergency rescue for citizens. ASB has been deeply involved in the anti-epidemic front line since the virus spread. Due to the shortage of medical protective supplies, paramedics of ASB have been working without protections for a while. They are deeply moved by Fosun's prompt response. One of ASB's paramedics named Vanessa Reiff and her colleagues looked up the dictionary for the Chinese wordings of, "Thank you very much, China! Danke, Fosun!", and print the wordings on a sheet to express their gratitude. She said, " I'd love to visit China when the epidemic is over, to visit the Great Wall, to try the hot pot, and to get a better understanding of our Chinese friend."

ASB members received medical supplies donated by Fosun, holding "Thank you very much" sign in Chinese.
ASB members received medical supplies donated by Fosun, holding "Thank you very much" sign in Chinese.

Recently, the first batch of 13,400 pieces of medical supplies donated by Fosun Foundation together with other benevolent enterprises to Germany has been delivered to the front line once it arrived in Hamburg. Currently, this batch of supplies consisting of 3,400 protective suits and 8,000 surgical masks, of which 2,000 are cleared for use in the red zones, has been donated to the Hospital Northwest Frankfurt, the University Hospital Frankfurt, and the Städtisches Krankenhaus Heinsberg GmbH Hospital and the Uniklinik Saarland Hospital which are located in the worst-affected areas.

It is worth mentioning that the verses that represent friendship and blessings between two countries, "Edel sei der Mensch, hilfreich und gut" and "Share the weal and woe together in the same boat", was printed on the packaging box of medical supplies. The translation of the first sentence was "Wish humans to learn, to help, and to be good". It was written by the famous German writer Goethe born in Frankfurt. The latter sentence is from Book of The Later Han · Fu Zou Ji Liang Ji – "As the leader among people, we share our difficulties like riding side by side, sailing the same boat." Fosun used this verse to show that the unity between Fosun and the local people, helping each other and fighting against the epidemic.

Share the Weal and Woe Together in the Same Boat
Fosun Fulfills Global Responsibility with Global Capability

In fact, this emergency aid to Germany is only a small part of Fosun's Global Anti-Virus Relief Scheme of helping each other to fight against the epidemic.

On January 24, the eve of the Chinese New Year, Fosun launched its global medical supplies deployment plan. Fosun has stood at the forefront of epidemic prevention, with its global procurement network covering 23 countries.

Fosun's German team quickly implemented the working mechanism as if it is the wartime. Fosun integrated the warehousing resources through the local team to assist in the transportation of materials, from Frankfurt to Shanghai, then to Wuhan. It took only 5 days from procurement, transportation to delivery to medical staff. It also shows the determination of all parties to fight against the epidemic.

"When the coronavirus outbreak occurred in China in January, we supported Fosun and our Chinese colleagues as best we could. Now, Fosun is helping us to fight the spread of the virus in Europe. Especially with such internationally relevant topics it shows how valuable our global partnership is," said Michael Bentlage, Fosun's Global Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG.

As a global enterprise rooted in China, Fosun stays focused on further efforts to prevent and control the global epidemic. On March 1, Fosun officially started the second phase of its operations against the novel coronavirus, by urgently deploying global resources to support countries and regions across the globe to fight against the epidemic. As of 29 March, Fosun has deployed medical protective supplies to key overseas countries where the situation is getting more serious, such as Italy, Japan, South Korea, India, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Portugal.

"In the battle against the virus, all of us are living in a community of shared future for mankind. Fosun is concerned about all employees and customers who are being affected by the epidemic. Overcoming the epidemic is the common goal for all of us. I also believe that Germany and Europe will be able to win the battle against the epidemic. In the future, we will continue to provide medical supplies assistance to countries in need. I hope we can unite and support each other to overcome difficulties soon," said Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International.

With the continuous escalation of the global epidemic prevention, Fosun has set up 14 regional anti-epidemic working committees in Japan, Italy, South Korea, EU, and North America, Russia and other countries and regions since the start of this month. Meanwhile, Fosun advocated the "Global Anti-Virus Relief Scheme" at the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum. The Scheme aims at encouraging donations of medical supplies to countries where the epidemic has escalated quickly.

So far many benevolent enterprises have participated in the scheme, including Longfor Group, Beijing Taikang Yicai Foundation, Baidu Group, Sequoia Capital, New Oriental Education & Technology Group, Xiaomi Corporation, Zall Group, Central China Real Estate Ltd., Broad Group, Dangdai Group, Committee of QIN 100 Co., Ltd., Zuo Dan Li Health Industry Group and CHINT Group.

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