Shareable Asset Democratises Global Asset Ownership with Real Estate Tokenisation Platform

Shareable Asset Democratises Global Asset Ownership with Real Estate Tokenisation Platform

Singapore-based fintech firm to disrupt global real estate investment models with blockchain-convergent technology

SINGAPORE, April 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Shareable Assets Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based fintech firm today announced that it has received the Capital Markets Services (CMS) licence on April 16 from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for its global real estate tokenisation platform -- Shareable Asset. With the licence, Shareable Asset can now disrupt real estate investment models for asset owners and investors by issuing asset-backed security tokens for fractional ownership in a regulated environment, and is one of the first platforms to do so.

Shareable Asset is a secure mobile and desktop application, that gives all investors equal access to high quality global real estate investments which were previously only accessible to sophisticated and institutional investors.

The platform for everyone

Direct asset purchase and sale are conducted on the platform through blockchain and smart contract technology. This enables the issuance process for digitised asset-backed securities to be more simple and efficient through tokenisation, and is more cost-effective as compared to conventional investment channels.

By subdividing expensive real estate ownership into digitised security tokens, fractional ownership allows investors to own a portion of the asset while earning returns similar to purchasing the entire asset.


Shareable Asset presents a new way for asset owners to sell their properties. It provides opportunities for smaller investments, verifying real estate assets, non-physical, easy investor onboarding, hassle-free digital purchase of global real estate, once an account is created.

For investors, the simple-to-use interface means that they can easily select from the list of equity and debt investment products via the app, with a minimum of one-hundred Singapore Dollars (SGD 100) in investment per asset.

Asset owners can now be motivated to sell a portion of their properties or raise debt on their properties with complete ease and minimum paperwork, and benefit from the comprehensive asset listing that is made available to investors worldwide, excluding the United States. They can also track the performance of the sale at any time.

With Shareable Asset's tech-forward platform, it greatly reduces the time spent on transactions and paperwork for real estate stakeholders including developers and brokers. This allows the stakeholders to focus on value-added aspects that optimise the success for their projects and bring greater good to communities.

"We are excited to launch a tokenisation platform to deliver better global real estate investment products available to every investor beyond geographical limitations," said Will Lee, Executive Chairman of Shareable Asset. "By redefining traditional investments with our blockchain-based tokenisation structure, investors can easily build diversified portfolios and capitalise on the opportunity to securely trade real estate assets online and in real-time. Ownership of fractional global real estate assets is now made easy with attractive market returns and we aim to become the leading global real estate investment platform."

"With the licence, Shareable Asset can drive the change to enhance the liquidity in the global real estate market by stimulating the supply and demand. We will also include in our asset list, properties around the globe which are currently not in the public REITs structure. To provide better liquidity of the security tokens, we plan to apply for the recognised market operator licence from the MAS to facilitate trading of the security tokens on an exchange in the next few months," added Will.

Shareable Asset upholds robust regulatory standards and licensing conditions set by MAS in the conduct of operations and business activities. This includes:

  • All assets and money are held in trust under each user's name with an appointed custodian.
  • Seamless digital know-your-customer (KYC) process that is integrated with the MyInfo service powered by the Singapore Government which enables new users to register for their Shareable Asset account with pre-filled personal data from MyInfo.
  • Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.
  • All financial transactions and asset ownerships are recorded in a transparent, immutable distributed ledger leveraging blockchain-convergent technology.
  • User protection aligned with industry best-practices including two-factor authentication, data encryption during transit and authentication of the communication network with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.
  • Highest level of cybersecurity with enhanced infrastructure resiliency practices that include vulnerability assessment and penetration tests, access controls, information security, data protection, network security and patch management. 

Shareable Asset will continue to expand on gathering asset owners and properties. Shareable Assets Pte. Ltd. plans to operate a global exchange specialised in global real estate products in the future to lower the bar for global investors interested in the new digital world of finance and fintech.

Beyond trading and investment, Shareable Asset aims to leverage borderless fintech and position its platform for the global audience to contribute and transact assets digitally in an increasingly interconnected world. Shareable Asset is developed by Blue Whale Global, an established entity with strong expertise in blockchain technology. 

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What is Shareable Asset?
Direct Ownership of Global Assets for Everyone, Anywhere

Shareable Asset is a Singapore-based real estate tokenisation platform. The platform allows all investors to easily manage their own investments in real estate anywhere, anytime.

Shareable Asset aims to make global real estate ownership and investment accessible to all.

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