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Shark Processing Partners With New High-Risk CBD Payment Processing Solutions

The new partnership, according to Shark Processing, will ensure highly competitive rates when processing purchases for high-risk sellers in the CBD, Hemp Flower, Hemp Derived Cannabinoids, and Extract industries.

Shark Processing announced that the brand has partnered with a couple of new high-risk CBD payment processing services to offer the best rates. It also means that businesses in the hemp or CBD industry will find it relatively easier to get approved for an account. Over the past few years, businesses have grown in demand for a reliable and cost-effective payment solution in many so-called "high-risk" industries. However, many payment processors or those offering high-risk merchant accounts will hedge their risks by having a limited quota for high-risk accounts. The result is that it's first come, first serve.

High-risk credit card processing for many businesses can mean paying up to twice as much as anyone else may be paying, simply because they were selling products that were seen as "risky." Many sellers in the hemp industry, in general, have a hard time getting a merchant account even if they were only selling CBD oil. Even some payment processors offering so-called high-risk merchant accounts may not accept them. It is also one of the reasons why the prices of the products you see sold in the US are so high. That's where Shark Processing's partnership is a game-changer.

To find out more about Shark Processing and their latest initiative to help businesses get a high-risk merchant account along with high-risk credit card processing, visit

"At Shark Processing, our high-risk merchant accounts offer many benefits. For instance, our high-risk ACH merchant account boasts of low transaction fees, compared to the competition, better customer retention because of the simplicity that ACH payments offer. That said, getting a merchant account for a business in a high-risk industry isn't easy, and that's where we come in." said an executive working for Shark Processing.

She added, "We do the work needed to help businesses in high-risk industries secure an international and local merchant account. We also help you secure ACH and offshore merchant accounts. That way, you can continue processing payments without having to pay an exuberant processing fee. It is also why so many businesses are turning to us."

About Shark Processing

Shark Processing specializes in offering high-risk merchant solutions to help businesses deal with payment processing issues. The company provides payment processing to many high-risk industries and works with trusted banking partners across the world. Businesses can be assured of excellent quality service, the lowest rates, and the safest solutions since the company partners with a multitude of reputed institutions to make it possible for businesses to focus on selling.

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