Shell IdeaRefinery's Demo Day Showcases Five Startups Set to Disrupt the Energy Sector

As part of Singapore's first energy-focused accelerator, 10 startups underwent a two-month pivot programme to adapt their technologies to the future digital needs of the energy industry.

SINGAPORE, Nov. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In partnership with Energy Market Authority and NUS Enterprise, Shell IdeaRefinery hosted an invite-only Demo Day to conclude Shell IdeaRefinery Pivot, a 10-week accelerator programme. Five selected startups showcased their pivot solutions to investors, industry leaders and other partners from the community.

Shell IdeaRefinery Pivot is one of the two key programmes offered and it supports startups with proven digital technologies to pivot their solutions for the energy industry. Earlier this year, the first edition of Shell IdeaRefinery, the Launch programme, invited and developed early-stage startups already within the energy sector. Both programmes were created with the aim to increase the mix of energy startups in Singapore, in line with Shell's aim to be a "living lab" of energy innovation for the nation.

"Energy systems are changing at varying rates and degrees of complexity across the globe. This change is driven by growing energy demand and an urgent need to curb emissions. We need more startups because these driven and ambitious individuals can bring in fresh ideas that incorporate new technologies and solving myriads of challenges in the energy industry and beyond," said Emily Tan, General Manager, City Solutions, Shell Singapore.

The 10-week programme was designed and delivered by Enrupt, a Singapore-based energy innovation company. Leading up to the pitch, the startups went through a structured curriculum, followed by a series of workshops, personal mentoring sessions and masterclasses with industry professionals. This allowed them to gain deep insights into the energy industry, the customer and business model innovation.

"Startups working for the energy sector rise and fall with the quality of their industrial partnerships. Shell IdeaRefinery offers an unparalleled platform where startups can establish good-quality connections with energy players and get a better understanding of problem statements related to digitalisation," said Katarina Uherova Hasbani, Founder of Enrupt.

The five startups showcased on Demo Day were selected for their ability to pivot their businesses to better serve the energy sector or high energy-impact industries, including shipping, buildings and transport.

Demo Day was attended by key players in the energy innovation ecosystem in Singapore - industry players, research institutes and universities, technology solution providers, startups from the Shell IdeaRefinery community and investors interested in the energy sector.

Here are the five companies that pitched at the Shell IdeaRefinery Demo Day this year:

AVA Asia
Based on investigations, 70% of pipeline rupturing incidents are corrosion-related, and preventable. For oil and gas pipeline integrity managers who are constantly facing the challenge of monitoring the aggression of corrosion along pipelines, AVA helps to acquire, process and analyse data using robotics and artificial intelligence. The AVA team, which is made up of experienced data architects and engineers, developed unique proprietary machine learning algorithms to integrate data from structured and unstructured data to address specific pain points faced by the energy and logistics industry.

AVA has been integrating and analysing data in solar PV plants. With this approach, AVA has helped plant owners improve their yield by at least 2%, which translates to millions of dollars to date.

Chektec is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise mobile solution with a unique form creation tool that enables team task assignments integrating workplace safety, health and environment goals, collecting valuable data for actionable insights. Documentation is the life-blood of businesses. However, with more mobile teams globally, they rely on forms and checklists on their mobile devices. Chektec allows users to submit reports on-the-go or immediately assign corrective actions that can be monitored on mobile and in the office. Chektec collects the data, images, signatures and indicates time and date stamps, for document traceability and follow-up changes. In addition to document traceability is specific task traceability; identifying users accountable for which tasks, sharing those tasks if they cannot be resolved and indicating task deadlines. This is especially useful for organisations working together on special time-sensitive projects or joint ventures.

Nodis provides the technology to make beautiful windows that are responsive, energy-saving and energy-producing smart glass. Their flagship product, TruTint, is smart glass that enables carbon neutral and energy efficient buildings. Nodis enables smart glass at up to 10x lower costs. TruTint is the only colour smart glass solution. Unlike other smart glass technologies in the market that take 20 minutes to change, TruTint changes instantly. In addition, TruTint has infinite tints and infrared control to optimise building energy savings. Nodis is passionate about transforming glass, making buildings carbon neutral and reducing CO2 emissions.

ShipsFocus provides an aggregated shipping solution that optimises utilisation, cuts waste and reduces carbon footprint. They offer their customers three things: Intelligence, technology and service. With better market intelligence, customers of ShipsFocus can immediately access anonymised market data and curated benchmarks, enabling decisions critical in an otherwise fragmented and non-transparent space. Customers also have access to technologies of highest standards in cohesiveness, security and contingency, with user-friendly and low-cost applications from tracking to chartering systems. ShipsFocus' heart and soul is in maritime, allowing them to view pain points empathetically and provide a service that would help its customers transit onto the digitalisation bandwagon.

QIQ Global
QIQ Global is set to disrupt the current transportation industry by building a sustainable, smart and shared mobility ecosystem utilising fast charging electric vehicles. They provide the next generation of electric last-mile transport solution that is based on their proprietary Ultra Capacitor Technology. Targeting energy providers, existing fleet operators, public transportation companies, land owners and last-mile (on-demand) startups, QIQ is an autonomous vehicle provider and is made up of a diverse group of people from automotive industry, mechanical, oil and gas, banking and finance. Their product line consists of electric bikes and scooters with docking that allows Rapid Charging in minutes for up to 20km, autonomous capable of 25-degree hill climbs and over 50,000 duty cycles, and rapid charging technology that charges five times faster than other battery technologies. QIQ hopes to deploy their products and expand their business internationally.

About Shell IdeaRefinery
Shell IdeaRefinery is a leading energy-focused accelerator programme that aspires to increase the mix of energy startups in Singapore. The programme hopes to bring like-minded individuals together to deliver innovations with a positive impact on our shared energy future.

About Enrupt
Enrupt is an independent, innovation company for the energy sector. Enrupt drives collaboration between corporations and startups to build clean, decentralised digital solutions, transforming the future of energy. Enrupt's vision is to build energy companies of the future. Enrupt's mission is to drive change through open innovation and community building via its corporate programmes, community events and thought leadership.