Shenyang strives to build a first-class business environment

SHENYANG, China, Jan. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire./ -- As a central city in northeast China, Shenyang has taken a series of measures to improve local government administration and service level in recent years. Committing to revitalization and development, Shenyang is building a city with first-class business environment.

At the press conference of "Promote the development of private economy" on January 2nd, 2019, the director of Shenyang business environment construction bureau, Yan Zhanfeng said that Shenyang has been stepping up efforts to create a new business environment in the past two years.

A few years ago, the problem of business environment especially in the north of China has attracted wide attention. Considering of a low quality of some examinations and approval services, a high cost of enterprise management and a lack of government credibility, people were once worrying of investing in Shenyang.

According to the announcement of the Publicity Department of Shenyang Municipal Committee, Shenyang has taken some fundamental and concrete measures to eliminate the adverse effects in these two years.

Chen Wenxian, the president of Guangdong chamber of commerce in Shenyang, said: "We felt the determination and action of the government." He also indicated that Shenyang has a gradual improvement on business environment. At the end of last year, Shenyang released an open letter to the city's private entrepreneurs, responding to the hot issues concerned by enterprises and the society and clearly proposing a series of safeguard measures to support investment and business development in Shenyang.

Last year, Wei Lande, President and CEO of Brilliance BMW Automobile Co. LTD, revealed that BMW Group's business in Shenyang would be expanding, and the only engine factory outside Europe had been located in Shenyang. He also praised: "We don't have any negative experiences in cooperation, we have confidence in the future."

Statistical figures from Shenyang Development and Reform Commission show that fixed asset investment increased by 16.4% from January to November in 2018. The number of the projects which worth more than 100 million yuan had increased from 600 at the beginning of the year to 1,074, an increase of 70.2 percent over the same period last year. Meanwhile, the market keeps expanding. At the end of November 2018, 161,000 new entities had been registered in the city.

According to Yan Zhanfeng's introduction, Shenyang will focus on three aspects adopting a number of specific measures to improve business environment: Standardizing government affairs, realizing government services platform update and institutionalizing government services. Shenyang will also comprehensively strengthen the self-construction of government service departments and improve the level of operation and management at the same time.

"Focusing on improving government management and service and establishing long-term mechanisms to promote a quality and efficient business environment in accordance with the law, Shenyang is aiming to create a business environment of 'business-friendly, business-safe and business-rich', and drive the overall development of local economy and society," expressed by Yan Zhanfeng.

Shenyang is striving to reach the level of the world bank's top 50 economies and become one of the cities with first-class business environment by the end of this year.

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