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Shenzhen Festival Avenue: New Landmark Strengthens the City's Soft Power

Shenzhen Festival Avenue: New Landmark Strengthens the City's Soft Power

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Eleven hundred meters long with One Avenue, Wongtee Center, Great China International Exchange Plaza and Central Walk Shopping Mall along the way - This is Shenzhen Festival Avenue, where people can walk northwards to the Civic Center and southwards to Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center easily.

Shenzhen Festival Avenue, a brand created under great efforts of the CPC committee and government of Futian District, organized by IDG ASIA Accelerator, with the support from Shenzhen International Investment& Promotion Association, was opened on November, 2020. Connecting large commercial complexes in the CBD of Futian, the avenue has promoted local night-time economy and the influence of surrounding business areas. In August, 2021, a street culture festival was launched on the avenue. It was a creative attempt to introduce street culture into a business district for the first time and became a massive hit of summer. The creation of the new festival has lit up the business district, highlighted Shenzhen's characteristics, and strengthened the city's soft power.

Empower New Business and Vitalize the District

From Fifth Avenue of New York to New Bond Street of London, from Ginza of Tokyo to Wangfujing Street of Beijing, every world-renowned business street has its own "culture". Taking "festival" as its highlight, Shenzhen Festival Avenue not only holds creative events on traditional festivals such as Spring Festival, Christmas and New Year, but also adopts the international way of "creating festivals" to vitalize the district.

From August 27 to 29, 2021, a "street culture festival" was held on the avenue. Full of "street stars", "street creativity" and "street interactions", the event was a feast of street culture. During the festival, people could experience various street elements such as live band performances by Losing Control and Wasted Laika, street DJ shows and hip-hop raps by Roc, JR Fog and Chen Xin the producer, dazzling skateboarding shows, as well as retro Disco music. Here citizens and tourists could take a good rest and enjoy the first carnival in early autumn.

The festival was an attempt to integrate "street culture" into a business district. Cultural activities of all kinds not only enriched the leisure time of citizens, but also improved the quality of their cultural life, contributing to an increase of strength and vitality of the city.

Embrace Different Art Forms and Strengthen the City's Soft Power

In an "image-is-everything" era, business districts with distinct characteristics can represent the prosperity of a city and showcase the city's image. In Shenzhen, a city that is open, innovative and inclusive, how to improve people's wellbeing and the city's public services is of great significance to strengthen the soft power of the city.

Shenzhen Festival Avenue positions itself as a place of art/ innovation/ vitality/ life, featuring the showcase of art in urban public spaces. It is dedicated to showing the glamour of the district and providing a platform for immersive experience of culture and art, so as to improve the cultural atmosphere of the district.

As the city's most popular government initiative for the public's benefit, Shenzhen Festival Avenue has five major exhibition areas, twelve themed months and 112 themed events throughout the year, making it an art scene that never ends. With both regular art exhibitions and themed events, the avenue serves as a free and permanent art experience platform, where citizens can know more about the street culture and art lovers show their talents. Since everybody can have access to and learn artistic skills here, the avenue is a source of momentum and creativity for Shenzhen culture, helping the city stand out in the cultural soft power competition.

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