Shenzhen Jewellery Fair is helping industry push boundaries

SHENZHEN, China, April 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A jewellery trade in transition, one brimming with game-changing innovations, will greet participants when the China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair - Shenzhen (Shenzhen Jewellery Fair) opens its doors from 19 to 22 April 2019 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen 2019 - Booth
China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen 2019 - Booth


China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen - Booth
China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen - Booth


China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen - Bird View
China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen - Bird View


China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen - Forum
China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen - Forum

Organizer UBM Asia is expecting the four-day event to welcome roughly 15,000 visitors and around 300 local and overseas exhibitors from 13 countries, including Australia, Mainland China, Finland, Germany, Italy, Korea, Poland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan Region.

As seen in its recent editions, the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair has embarked on structural and conceptual revamp that enhanced its appeal and widened market opportunities.

"There are plenty of reasons for this shift, but the most logical one is that innovative trade shows like ours will remain a tremendous source of growth not only for us but for our participants in the future. Our focus remains pushing boundaries to offer more value and create more opportunities for exhibitors and buyers," says Teddy Tan, Event Director of Shenzhen Jewellery Fair.

Mr. Tan couldn't emphasize more the valuable opportunity that trade-show attendance offers industry stakeholders. Aside from the main goal of locking in orders, a well-oiled trade event such as the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair offers a stage for increasing brand awareness to a global audience, gaining market feedback on one's products, and top-level networking with some of industry's most important decision makers.

"Armed with a right attitude and strategy, participating in a trade show like the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair is a very profitable exercise," says Mr. Tan.

Brand Village

Mr. Tan adds that segmenting the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair into exciting thematic clusters helps enhance the trade show experience for participants. One of these is groupings is Brand Village, which showcases new branding and product series, breakthrough concepts in jewellery materials and manufacturing technologies as well as retail strategies. 

"Brand Village is bound to inspire jewellery traders to transform and upgrade their own brands and products through the inspiring ideas presented," he says.

For instance, exhibitor Chongqing Chow Tai Fook Xinzhan Jewellery Co Ltd will share its retail strategy of opening "Era" stores in counties and county-level cities in mainland China. 

Guangdong Land (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, in cooperation with the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, will likewise share details of its plan to build a multiple commercial complex themed with core elements of jewellery in the Shenzhen Shuibei business circle.

Other confirmed exhibitors thus far include Korean specialist in light luxury jewellery, Gemopia; fine jade and collection-grade jade specialist Cmoyjade; Origin Enterprise Jewelry Ltd, a renowned name in Australian opal; wholesaler Shenzhen Hui Ming Jewellery Co Ltd, which has established relationships with top-level enterprises at home and aboard, such as CHJ Jewellery, Lukfook Jewellery and TSL; and LOHASPIE Jewelry.

Licensing Pavilion

Meanwhile, participants looking for franchising opportunities can visit the Licensing Pavilion. It is a one-stop destination where licensors, licensing agents, licensees, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers connect with each other and explore the franchising business model in the jewellery market. 

A renowned player in China's entertainment and technology industry, Fantawild Holdings Inc, is exhibiting. Focusing on creating stories with unique Chinese characteristics, Fantawild is committed to spreading Chinese culture across the globe. Jewellery manufacturers that want to create designs inspired by animated characters in Fantawild's entertainment franchise now have the opportunity to negotiate with the company.

China Literature Ltd, a pioneer in the online literature market and operator of a leading online literature platform in China, is also on board as an exhibitor to discuss with potential franchisees the licensing of characters in its library of literary works.

Other confirmed exhibitors include Mover Culture Co Ltd, which has more than 100 IP rights (intellectual property) in its portfolio, including renowned characters from video games such as World of Warcraft; movie franchises MARVEL and Minions; and elements in literary characters. Also confirmed is JIN (Shanghai) Culture Development Co Ltd, which has abundant IP resources in the field of visual arts. It is licensed by the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and V&A Museum to produce precious metal and jewellery for the Greater China market. "Zhao cai tong zi," a homegrown animation brand in China is also participating. Lead animated character and lucky symbol "Zhao cai tong zi" has been licensed out, producing more than 500 animation derivative products. The enterprises that have been authorised by "Zhao cai tong zi" to produce the character include leading consumer brands China Mobile, China Unicom, SWAROVSKI, Jingdong, Alibaba and Arena of Valor.

Bridal Jewellery Pavilion 

For traders focused on the bridal jewellery segment, the Bridal Jewellery Pavilion is a must-visit destination. The pavilion features inspiring ideas for all tastes and budgets and offers various styles ranging from the classics to fashion-forward designs.

Current exhibitors include Breuning, a trusted name since 1927. Breuning is a renowned manufacturer of gold and silver jewellery, and a leading specialist in wedding rings in Europe. Traditional craftsmanship combined with technical know-how has given the company leading edge in the field. The company possesses machinery and tooling "unparalleled on an international scale," enabling it to produce technically challenging patterns.

Also confirmed to exhibit in the pavilion is Yafu Jewellery, a Shenzhen jewellery company that has established a name for itself in wedding jewellery over the past 10 years. Show Dream joins them with its showcase of a light luxury jewellery brand aimed at young consumers who love fashion and trends. Veata, a specialist in customising wedding rings, engagement rings and couple rings, is also on board. R&D specialist Chang Rong will showcase its innovative original craftsmanship, as will Raredia Jewellery, one of Shenzhen's biggest wholesalers and manufacturers of colour gemstones. Manufacturer and wholesaler Hong Kong Xing Chuang Yi Jewelry Co Ltd will showcase its expertise in K gold jewellery, CNC machine-made jewellery, and 925 sterling silver. And Shenzhen Foreway Jewelry Co Ltd, amongst others.

Designer Pavilion 

The Designer Pavilion displays the expertise of local talents that have helped propel Shenzhen to become a jewellery-manufacturing powerhouse.

"This pavilion will show visitors all that is great about self-made, independent designers," says Mr.  Tan, adding that the pavilion offers an effective platform for jewellery traders and designers to develop cooperative opportunities. "Supporting young designers is very important to the industry," he said.

Up-and-coming designers ready to put their best foot forward at this edition include: Ms Lin Wenyu from Taiwan; promising young designers Mr. Denzel Kong and Ms Somous Qin; Mr. Xie Wenbo, an expert in the jewellery industry with 12 years of experience; Mr. Li Wei, who is skilled in integrating Chinese traditional culture in jewellery design; Ms Wang Yuqi, a specialist in integrating traditional Chinese patterns into modern design; Ms Li Xiaolan, a specialist in jewellery design set with rare gemstones; Ms Miki Qiu, who is devoted into integrating traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics in haute jewellery; and Ms Ying Luo, who likes to integrate antique Diancui into modern jewellery.

China Jewellery Market Summit

Forums and panel discussions featuring a high-profile speaking faculty from leading jewellery companies and fashion partners are a major draw at the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair. At this year's edition, a total of 15 forums and seminars will be held, featuring timely topics that fit today's digital age and advancements. On top of the agenda are discussions on intellectual property (IP), social media marketing and corporate social responsibility:

  • When Jewellery Meets IP - Jewellery manufacturers can create a new stream of revenue by creating licensed characters of a movie franchise or literary work, if done properly. Representatives from the Licensing Pavilion will share their point of view and experiences on how to seize business opportunities in licensing popular IPs.
  • 5G New Era to the Jewellery Industry, Opportunity on Live Broadcast Short Video and Social Media Marketing - Tapping on the popularity of live broadcasting through online platforms in China, this forum is devoted to knowledge-sharing using social media and new media marketing. Helpful hints from an exciting speaker lineup will inspire others to try this innovative channel in jewellery brand promotion.
    Marketing strategies implemented through various forms of "new media" - those that rely on computers for redistribution - are the centerpiece of a new segment in the China Jewellery Market Summit, the segment will discuss popular live streaming and e-commerce platforms in China, and how to harness them in jewellery sales. Visitors could also find out more in the "New media Resources Pavilion" onsite the fair.
  • Case Study: "Everyone can be a designer" - Today's consumers expect companies to become profitable while doing good for society. The "Everyone could be a designer" activity at the fair is a CSR undertaking among UBM Asia, 3D printing technology specialist iiiMark 3D, and Chinese charity Aimier. Under the guidance of a professional jewellery designer, art works by mentally challenged children under the patronage of Aimier were made into jewellery via 3D printing technology. A case study of the program will be discussed at the Summit, in the session: Synergy between Social Public Welfare and Business Value. "Consumers expect companies to do more than turn a profit. Through this activity we want to inspire them to achieve their CSR goals," says Mr Tan.

"Enthusiastic response to the new concepts we've unveiled in the recent editions of the Shenzhen Jewellery Fair was an endorsement that our innovations are right on target. Added to that is the 31% growth in visitor numbers in last year's edition. I am confident we will deliver yet another fruitful event for everyone at this edition," concluded Mr. Tan.

China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair - Shenzhen
19-22 April 2019 | Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Special Event

Venue: Business Matching & Seminar Zone (Hall 8)

19 April, 2019 (Friday)





Brand Development of GEMOPIA
- By invitation only

Qingdao Only-You Jewelry Co., Ltd


Licensing Area Networking Gathering

China International Gold,
Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen
Licensing Expo China

20 April, 2019 (Saturday)





Synergy between Social Public Welfare and Business Value

-- Case study " Everyone is Designer"

UBM China (Guangzhou) Co Ltd
3D Jewel LTD


Shenzhen Female Force Forum - Wise Women, Joyful Life

-Shenzhen Women and Children's Development Foundation     
-UBM China (Guangzhou) Co Ltd                 
- Leadership Inc.             
-Sino-Foreign Management Magazine
-Female Wisdom Lab 

21 April, 2019 (Sunday)





Online Development and Customer Preference of Jewelry Industry

Taobao Global


The Platform Introduction of JTXX and Media Resources Sharing by GPM

Gold Plaza Media


Create a Perfect Personal Image with Accessories

Shenzhen Diction Network Technology Co., Ltd.

*All presentations are in Mandarin.

*Organizer reserves right to change the conference schedule without notice.

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For visiting, please contact:

Visitor Promotion Department, Jewellery Fairs, UBM China (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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Notes to Editors:

The China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair - Shenzhen is organised by UBM, which in June 2018 combined with Informa PLC to become a leading B2B information services group and the largest B2B Events organiser in the world. Please visit for more information about our presence in Asia.

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