Shenzhen Media Group announces 2018 Shenzhen International Barrier-free Expo (IBFEXPO)

Barrier-free Communication Makes a Better World

SHENZHEN, China, June, 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On the afternoon of June 22, the press conference of the 2018 Shenzhen International Barrier-free Expo and the Opening Ceremony of Shenzhen Media Foundation Barrier-Free Philanthropic Foundation was held by the Shenzhen Media Group and co-sponsored by Shenzhen Media Foundation Barrier-free Philanthropic Foundation, Barrier-Free Cultural Communication (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Information Accessibility Research Association, and the Shenzhen Barrier-Free Environment Promotion Association. Present at the event were nearly 200 representatives from social organizations, public institutions, and others intent on the public good. Additionally, over 40 individuals from the mainstream media were present.

Leaders at the Barrier-free Expo and Launching Ceremony of Cooperative Project. (PRNewsfoto/IBFEXPO)Leaders at the Barrier-free Expo and Launching Ceremony of Cooperative Project. (PRNewsfoto/IBFEXPO)

Chen Li, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee Office of Shenzhen Project Care and Qu Shi, Secretary-general of Shenzhen Media Foundation, gave keynote speeches at the meeting. In addition, high hopes were expressed for the upcoming Shenzhen International Barrier-free Expo.

Some of the institutions and individuals present made donations to the barrier-free philanthropic foundation on site.

Those present at the meeting also called on others to further help devote time to the Shenzhen International Barrier-Free Expo and for donations to help support the Shenzhen Media Foundation Barrier-Free Philanthropic Foundation.

The 2018 Shenzhen International Barrier-Free Expo is planned to be held from December 3-5, 2018 in the No. 5 Exhibition Hall and the Meeting Room on the fifth floor of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center; Shenzhen Qianhai Ultimate Operation and Management Technology Co., Ltd. is the management consulting service provider for the Barrier-Free Disabled and Healthy People Call Center at the First Shenzhen International Barrier-free Expo.

The general public should further understand and raise awareness of the need for barrier-free development, and promote barrier-free urbanization. For these purposes, the International barrier-free Expo will push ahead under the motto of "Inclusion, Teamwork, and Mutual Prosperity." The ideal is to join hands with responsible institutions and research enterprises to create the model for equal accessibility for everybody to follow and thereby promote China's barrier-free urbanization.

This large-scale exposition will be the most effective and innovative in China. Famous enterprises, institutions and public service organizations at home and abroad will be invited to exhibit their products and services in the barrier-free field.

This will not only be a commercial expo, but also a communication platform to discuss barrier-free ideas and culture and an industry event oriented at public service and commerce requirements.  Meanwhile, there are high hopes that more and more tech firms will invest intbarrier-free research, help people understand the new technology, and give equal footing to those in a need. Barrier-free communication is the key to a better world!

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