Shinil Group found the Russian first-class armored cruiser donskoy which sank near Korea's Ulleungdo for 113 years


SEOUL, South Korea, July 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Shinil Group said on July 15, 2018, at 09:48, that it had found the Dmitrii donskoy, a Russian armored cruiser ship that had sunk near the Ulleungdo of South Korea for 113 years. The stern of donskoy was first discovered at 1.3km, N37°-29'.2" E130°-56'.3" and depth of 434m from Ulleungdo Island. Dmitrii donskoy, the first-class armored cruiser of the Russian Baltic Fleet, which left the Baltic Sea in 1885, had sailed the oceans for 20 years, and in May 1905 the Baltic Fleet, the strongest Russian fleet, encountered the Battle of Tsushima, where 38 Baltic ships and 89 Japanese ships warred. Dmitrii donskoy i, a 5,800-ton ironclad cruiser, was one of the 38 main Baltic fleet vessels that departed from the Baltic Sea.

Russian first-class armored cruiser Donskoi
Russian first-class armored cruiser donskoy

The donskoy battleship was discovered off the coast of Ulleungdo after 113 years.

The Shinil Group exploration team, which had prepared the donskoy excavation, "found two ships of Nuytco (Canada)'s DeepWorker in the estimated area of sinking on July 14, 2018, and the ship was 100% identical to the donskoy's sail plan." Then, a re-exploration was conducted at 09:48 on 15 July, and finally the team found donskoy and photographed the stern, "It was confirmed as donskoy."

In addition to the clear sharpness of the stern, there were 203mm cannons and 152mm long-distance guns, a number of machine guns, anchors, two stacks, three masts, wooden decks and armor -- The cruiser Dmitrii donskoy was completely confirmed.

The bottom of donskoy is about 40 degrees on the slope of the seabed with its stern 380 meters below the water level, and its bow is at 430 meters. One-third of the stern is bombarded and the hull is severely damaged. It is a half-broken situation. However, the upper deck of the wooden hull is almost untouched. The armor on the side of the hull is also well preserved, while the anchors, guns and machine guns remain in place. In addition, all three of the masts and the two chimneys are broken, there was also a partial attacked trail of marking on the sides.

The exploration team of the Shinil Group is under the leadership of JD Engineering (Representative Lee Wonbok), a marine exploration company in Korea. Allan, an ocean exploration expert in the UK; Jeffery and four others from Nuytco, a Canadian marine exploration company and Jin Gyo-jung (former Salvage & Rescue commander), a marine exploration consultant of the Shinil Group; have prepared for donskoy's exploration since last year and has now enjoyed the fruits.

The exploration team closely analyzes and compares the images and photos of donskoy, taken on July 14 and 15, with the hull plan, and releases the data externally on the 17th. In addition, the exploration team finds a large amount of iron boxes in the stern and will take measures to preserve them. With this discovery, it becomes clear that the Shinil Group is the only entity in the world who discovered donskoy.

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