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Shrikriti’s Arangetram 2021 -San Diego USA

Shrikriti’s Arangetram 2021 -San Diego USA, Kriti completed her Arangetram with flying colors

November 28, 2021 will be forever etched as a golden memory for the Bikkumala family. After 12 years of learning and intense training in the Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam, Kriti completed her Arangetram with flying colors. Kriti has been learning under the tutelage of Smt. Neha Patel in San Diego, CA since she was just 5 years old. With immense love for the art and support from her parents Manohar and Santoshi Bikkumala, Kriti’s interest in Bharatanatyam flourished over the years and became a way to learn about vedic scriptures, legends, and the epics that Bharatanatyam is based on and to express and reflect the rich Indian culture and heritage. Dancing became an essential part of her life and has shaped her into the person she is today. She learned how to not give up when something was difficult and to always try her best, even in settings outside of dance.

With an esteemed panel of artists, Shri Babu Parameshwaran, the most sought after arangetram vocalist in the US, Shri Susheela Narasimhan on the violin, Shri Balaji Mahadevan on the Mridangam, and Shri Vijaykrishna Parameshwaran as the secondary vocalist, accompanied by her Guru Neha Patel, Kriti opened the stage with Pushpanjali and a beautiful rendition of Bhavamulona Baahyamubandu and her flawless Jatisvaram won the hearts of the audience. The highlight of the event was the 35 min Varnam, Nee Inda Mayam Seidaal, Kriti’s performance was phenomenal, her expressions were beyond words and the audience was in awe of her stage presence. It not only filled the room with a thunderous applause but also won many accolades from Babu sir and he quoted – “Kriti’s excellent Bharatanatyam skills were portrayed in this extremely difficult choreography”. Every performance raised the bar higher culminating in the grand finale – Tillana.

Growing up as a first generation American born to immigrant parents, it is often difficult to blend into the American culture while also being a part of and holding on to our Indian values, traditions, and customs. Kriti has flawlessly achieved both. As a senior (12th grader) at Del Norte High School, Kriti not only excels in academics and dancing, but she also has interests in music, photography, writing, and loves spending time with her friends. Kriti’s arangetram demonstrates how balance crucial in her Bharatanatyam training, serving as a steppingstone into a fresh start in her dance career as she grows to become an enhanced and stronger dancer!

Guru Neha Patel

With more than 38 years of experience in teaching, Neha Patel is a skilled Bharatanatyam and Kathak virtuoso who has carved a niche for herself in San Diego and abroad. She is most notably known for her stylized and fluid grace, thoughtful and sensitive rhythmic sense, expression, and complex choreographies. Neha graduated from the world renowned Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad, founded by the legendary Mrinalini Sarabhai, and has earned the title “Natya Bhushan.” Neha finished more than 20 years of intensive training of Bharatnatyam in the Pandanallur vani under “Natya-Acharya” Lt. Guru Shri Pathagudy Ramaswamy and the legendary Lt. Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai. Under her guidance, children have developed the skills necessary to earn diplomas in Indian dance styles. She is the founder of “Antarnaad” in 1996 in Chicago, IL which later spurred the creation of “Naad Studios” in San Diego and Temecula. At present, Neha continues to home in on her skills in Bharatnatyam and nattuvangam under Smt. Nithyakalyani Vaidyanathan and Kathak under Smt. Sandhya Desai. Neha conducts lecture demonstrations & teaches at/for profit and nonprofit organizations, schools, universities, international museums, religious conferences, and various dance festivals in the USA, India & worldwide. Neha is currently a board member of the management committee of IFAASD (Indian Fine Arts Academy, San Diego) an integral part of organizing cultural concerts and fundraising events. Neha’s passion for these sacred art forms and her relentless efforts to teach has earned her profound respect in Southern California and is a valued role model in the eyes of her students globally.

Shiva Bikkumala (Kriti’s Brother speech on Arangetram day)

On November 28th, 2021, we are here for Kriti’s Arangetram. I'm very proud of my sister and love her so much. She works every day on her dances and I'm proud that she works all the time to master these dances. She is one of the best dancers I've ever known and I'm so proud of her to be my big sister. She has been practicing for a long time for this day I know how important this day is to her and I want this day for her to go well. My sister is amazing and did a very long dance if I did this much, I would have fainted already that’s amazing. Kriti has been doing Bharatanatyam since I was born which is crazy. To end this, I would like a round of an applause to Kirti.

Kriti was able to complete her Arangetram with blessings and support of her grandmother’s (Anjani Devi and Jhansi Rani), Uncles (Dayakar, Sudhakar, Narender, Ram, Pradeep, Vikram, Abhishek) and Aunts (Rekha, Sridevi, Sangeetha, Padma, Sarala, Prasanna), Cousins (Darshitha, Rishitha, Anish, Saanvi, Shruthi, Spoorthy, Ambica, Subha, Reaya, Meera, Suchi) and family friends (Ganga Prasad, Eshwar, Ram and lot others who helped us behind the scenes).

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