Shuangliu Embraces Sports Industry Upgrade and Renewal Thanks to Upcoming 2021 Summer World University Games

CHENGDU, China, Dec. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The China Tennis Tour professional finals concluded to fantastic fanfare at the Sichuan International Tennis Center on November 29, 2020. Sponsored by the Tennis Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and organized by the Chengdu Shuangliu District People's Government, this championship marks the 12th world-class major tennis competition hosted in Shuangliu, which previously hosted numerous big-name international tennis events such as the ATP Champions Tour, Chengdu Open of the ATP World Tour 250 and ITF World Tennis Tour Junior Finals. Among them, the Chengdu Open of the ATP World Tour 250 that took place in 2016 is the highest-level international tennis competition ever held in Chengdu, coming in fourth place in China after Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen to host an ATP World Tour.

In recent years, Chengdu has actively pursued the integrated development of culture, sports and culture, fueling the "Sports Chengdu" campaign and growth of the sports competition and general sports industries. As the city wins more bids to host heavyweight events, Shuangliu in turn becomes an increasingly important venue for various international sports competitions and engine that drives Chengdu's aspiration to become a "world-famous city of sports competitions".

The 18th World Police and Fire Games ended with great success in 2019, and Shuangliu, the site for the opening ceremony and a number of events of the WPFG, capitalized on this chance to showcase its feats in building a famous airport and sports competition city. In addition, Pandaland CrossFit Challenge and 2019 Women's E-sports Championship, among other international contests, also took place in Shuangliu to fantastic results.

Years of diverse experience as event host have endowed Shuangliu District with progressively mature and developed hardware capacity, operation team and competition philosophy, and its sports industry ecosystem is basically complete. During the Summer World University Games next year, Shuangliu's sport industry will once again usher in a new round of upgrade and renewal.

Whether a major sports competition can proceed smoothly hinges on the supporting facilities. As one of the main locations for the venues of the University Games, six Shuangliu venues will play host to competitions for the track and field, badminton, water polo, tennis and archery programs, as well as training for volleyball. At present, key sport complexes such as the Shuangliu Sports Center, Modern Pentathlon Center, New Tanghu Middle School Stadium and others are undergoing renovation and upgrade as per schedule and in strict accordance with requirements of the University Games.

Other than venue construction, urban environment is also receiving its own overhaul. Shuangliu has always upheld the "park+city" green development principle and dedicated to bestowing its residents a sense of living in a park city. Seizing the opportunity of the World University Games, Shuangliu aims to further augment quality of life in the city and development vibrancy through renovating urban roadways and optimizing community atmosphere, among other efforts. As of May 2020, Shuangliu District Yong'an Lake Forest Park has completed 800mu of construction, urban greenway mileage totals 252km, and 42 mini parks and mini green spaces have been created, adding 320,000 square meters in planted areas.

With abundant competition host experience, hardware and facility upgrade and renewal, and a beautiful and habitable urban environment, Shuangliu has emerged as an emphatic support underpinning Chengdu's success with the upcoming World University Games, while at the same time serving as an indispensable part of Chengdu's establishment as a "world-famous city of sports competitions".