Sichuan Langjiu Group Co. Ltd. Co-Sponsors the Barstylez International Bartender Championship at the Singapore Cocktail Festival

SINGAPORE, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sichuan Langjiu Group Co. Ltd. (Sichuan Langjiu Group) -- a baijiu distiller from China's Sichuan province that produces alcoholic beverages under the "Lang" brand which is distributed by Thai-Pore Enterprise Pte. Ltd. (Thai-Pore) in Singapore, has sponsored this year's Barstylez International Bartender Championship Flair Competition and Asia Cocktail Competition.

The Barstylez International Bartender Championship Flair Competition and Asia Cocktail Competition -- held during the Singapore Cocktail Festival -- represents the Sichuan Langjiu Group's first foray into an overseas market as the Group previously distributed its alcoholic beverages only in China. The sponsorship also marked the first time Langjiu was featured during the Singapore Cocktail Festival.

The sponsorship saw Langjiu contribute towards the organisation of the competition, along with several bottles of HongHua Lang 10 -- a 10-year aged variety of baijiu under the HongHua brand. These bottles were used by bartenders participating in "The Big Match" -- a competition consisting of two segments: a flair competition segment, and a cocktail competition segment.

The flair competition segment of "The Big Match" is recognised as one of the most prestigious competitions of its type in the world. The competition featured the best bartenders from around the world come together to show off their skills at the Empress Lawn on the 10th to 12th of May. Competitors were judged based on their bottle flaring skills, as well as the uniqueness and flavour of the cocktails they created.

The cocktail competition segment of "The Big Match" saw bartenders from various bars, includinTelok Ayer Arts ClubOxwell and Co.Komyuniti at Yotel Singapore, The Dragon Chamber, The Single Cask and Wolfgang's Steakhouse, competed to concoct unique cocktails using HongHua Lang 10.

Winners of the various sub-segments in the competition included:

  • Hiroshi Okunishi from Japan's Mini Bar Kyoto: Champion of Asia Cocktail Championship Barstylez - The Big Match
  • Alexander Shtifanov from Russia: Champion of International Flair Championship Barstylez - The Big Match, and Best Langjiu Move
  • Zhang Yi De from Taiwan: Asia Champion
  • Lin Yi Jun from Taiwan: Female Champion
  • Slava Belyakov from Russia: Best Cocktail

Besides the competition, HongHua Lang was also used by participating bars and restaurants during the festival as a base for some of their cocktails. Cocktails at these establishments were blended to complement and enhance HongHua Lang 10's robust soy aroma, as well as its smooth palate and long-lasting, yet delicate aftertaste.

Two of the innovative cocktails served included:

  • "Bloom" by Oxwell and Co.'s Issyam As'ari: A blend of HongHua Lang, Maraschino liquer, cherry blossom, osmanthus and lemon soda
  • "Dou Hua Jiu" by Telok Ayer Arts Club's Darren Yeo: A blend of soy bean, almond liqueur, coconut syrup, saline and pandan

Zhou Yilling, Southeast Asia region Representative of Langjiu from Chengdu, China, said, "The history of baijiu can be traced as far back as 7,000B.C. in China. In fact, it is the most popular form of alcohol consumed in the country. On the other hand, outside of China, spirits such as bourbon and scotch have been more popular. Hence, we see our sponsorship in this year's Singapore Cocktail Festival as the perfect opportunity to introduce the unique taste of HongHua Lang baijiu -- one of the most established brands of baijiu in China -- to festival-goers by using it as a liquor base for various innovative cocktails."

About Sichuan Langjiu

The Langjiu Group is a large scale modern enterprise whose main business involves the manufacturing and marketing of various "Lang" brand alcoholic beverages. Langjiu's rich history can be traced back as far as 1898 in China, and its craft of distilling baijiu has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, Langjiu has close to 30 national distilling masters and tasting masters who use centuries-old techniques to produce its "Lang" brand of alcoholic beverages.


About Thai-Pore Enterprise Pte. Ltd. (Thai-Pore)

Thai-Pore has been established since 1968 and is one of the leading distributors and marketers of premium alcohol. The company has an extensive network and the team is led by a management with collective experience in the importation, distribution and marketing of beers, wines and tobacco in the Asia region while holding key leadership positions specifically in Southeast Asia.

Thai-Pore has two local offices in Southeast Asia, with the head office located in Singapore. The company owns warehouses in multiple markets and has full control of logistics and supply chain hub.

About Barstylez

Barstylez was incorporated in Singapore in early 2007 and has been described as a blend of some of the most creative minds in the hospitality industry. Barstylez consults for bars/clubs from Asia, Europe and the Middle East on bar design, educates management and staff about service excellence, conducts workshops, as well as organises various events through its mobile bar solution. Barstylez recently opened an online barshop.