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Singapore’s First Virtual Reality (VR) Experience, in Medical Aesthetics, by ONLY Aesthetics

Singapore’s First Virtual Reality (VR) Experience, in Medical Aesthetics, by ONLY Aesthetics

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - July 10, 2018 - Changing one's appearance is not an easy decision to make as it has an impact that lasts for years and needs proper education and communication before undergoing any procedure. With this state of the art technology, it is the first time they can really expect what could be done.

We are delighted to be the first in Singapore's Medical Aesthetics to offer it. We hope to share our excitement about virtual reality, and the future of aesthetics forever, said Adren How, CEO of ONLY Group.

Being the #1 market leader in the industry, ONLY Aesthetics, the technology focused Medical Aesthetics keeps their game strong. Interactivity and user engagement inside VR goes way beyond what's currently available at other aesthetic clinics. That's what makes ONLY stands out from the rest.

The ground-breaking VR technology is a very big step forward for augmentation and reconstruction, enabling patients to select implants to fit their anatomy. The augmented reality software which allows patients to try on their assets for size, in real-time and in high definition. Patients can view several size options, with doctors recommending the best to suit their body shape using the technology which can be used for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

We set out to change all that with our VR simulation, which is designed specifically to maximize immersion that will change the way you think about aesthetics consultation forever. We are a team of industry veterans passionate about changing the way people experience aesthetics forever. And now we're excited to bring in a product that can so radically change the way people decide their potential outlook and deliver a truly immersive aesthetics experience.

Virtual Reality is a new thing and you always want to give something new to your customers, this is more of an intimate experience of the consumer to your content and now we are bringing it to medical aesthetics field in Singapore.

It will be an important technology for the future. It is a technology that offers a lot in terms of emotions and the exact technology that empowers the patient to make the right decision.

We have identified the key moment for clients, making the key decision factor. Consultation is a key moment when patients express their desire, when they learn from the surgeon about the surgical options and often take the decision about the future surgery.

We note that our patients really enjoyed being involved with the decision-making process. Enhancing the overall consultation and even allows close family members to be involved and support the patient's choices. Many were pleased with the product and impressed at how it continues to develop.


The process involves scanning the full body to generate a 3D view, after the picture is made it is projected in real-time onto a mirror.

You will need to stand as still as you can while scanning you from every angle possible -- which is where the sorcery begins.

It scans in real time and the imaging software recreates your body on the iPad screen -- every contour precisely rendered in front of me.

The customer can then change the outlook of their body by making size and shape changes. This allows them to see their greatest potential in comparison to current. For those hoping for more natural results, this will help them to ensure that they will be in proportion.

It took us some time, to source for the best cosmetic surgery simulator software 'that meets all needs', with a projected outcome that was similar to the real outcome.

When our doctors simulate the possible outcomes of the patients, it creates a common ground where patients are able to express their desire and doctors can better educate on the options in a more realistic and easy way.

This is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest change the industry is now going through and that will support the aesthetics field to become not only more accessible but more appreciated by patients as their understanding of it increases, said Daniel, Head of Marketing at ONLY Group.

Ever since ONLY Aesthetics released its information of having such technology, in less than a week and appointments for it are like gold dust with a two-week waiting list already.

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