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Singapore Continues To Lead the Way in Asia in Judicial Blocking of Illegal Streaming Sites, but More Can Be Done

Singapore, Apr 17, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - The Asia Video Industry Association's Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) commends the Singapore High Court for its latest Order to block another 20 illegal streaming sites and associated domains responsible for the distribution of illegally streamed content in Singapore. Under the Order, Internet Service Providers must disable access to these illegal sites and their associated domains.

The Order is the latest in an ongoing campaign by CAP members, BBC Studios, LaLiga, the Premier League and TVB International, that has seen the blocking of hundreds of illegal streaming sites that were offering access to some of the most sought-after content including premium sports, drama and entertainment.

The Order comes as CAP releases its latest YouGov consumer surveys that highlight the effectiveness of site blocking, particularly in Singapore. "It's no coincidence that after almost ten years of blocking pirate sites, the research shows that Singapore has one of the lowest piracy rates in the region, but given the inherent time and cost inefficiencies in the system we can only imagine how much more effective it could be if rights holders were able to block more often and at a higher volume," said CAP's General Manager, Matthew Cheetham. The YouGov surveys also show that Singapore consumers are being educated about the dangers and risks associated with accessing illegal content online. Cheetham noted, "In blocking access to these illegal streaming sites, Courts are not only protecting the rights of content holders, but just as importantly continuing to educate and protect consumers who are often unknowingly exposed to viruses and malicious content when accessing illegal sites, including malware that can access a user's sensitive data such as banking details."

Site blocking continues to have multiple positive benefits as the YouGov research shows that in addition to Singapore having the highest consumer awareness in the region of the dangers and risks associated with accessing illegal content online, it also has the highest rates of subscription to legitimate content channels. Cheetham further noted, "Protecting content and providing easy access to legitimate sources go hand in hand. There are now a multitude of ways in which consumers can easily and affordably access legal content, and in doing so protect themselves from the risks associated in accessing pirate sites."

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