Singapore's non-oil domestic exports down by 7.2% in Dec

SINGAPORE - Singapore's non-oil domestic exports fell more than expected in December from a year earlier as a slump in shipments to China deepened, official data showed on Monday.

International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore), the country's trade agency, released the trade data.

Percentage change December November Non-oil domestic exports (y/y) -7.2 -3.4 Non-oil domestic exports (m/m*) -3.1 -3.8

- electronics -0.3 0.6

- pharmaceuticals -9.9 -12.5

- China -18.7 -9.1

- United States 12.8 10.8

- European Union -2.9 -6.2

Non-oil domestic exports (S$ bln) 12.85 12.10

Non-oil re-exports (y/y) 0.8 1.6

Total trade (y/y) -8.4 -6.8

* m/m data is seasonally adjusted

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Singapore's non-oil exports tend to be volatile because a significant portion comprises pharmaceuticals and oil rigs that can vary sharply from month to month.