SinoBBD Highlights the Power of the Integrated "cloud" at Cloud Connect China 2017

BEIJING, Sept. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The highly anticipated Cloud Connect China 2017 opened at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on September 5. As one of the largest cloud computing events in China, the event attracted thousands of CIOs, CTOs, technology developers and enterprise-grade end users in finance, manufacturing, e-commerce, education and medicine, among other popular application areas. Beijing Big Data Group (SinoBBD), a leading big data company in China, was invited to attend the event.

At the event, Dr. Shuaiyu Wang, chief executive officer of Beijing SinoBBD Tech Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech entitled SinoBBD Cloud: Down to the Earth, Mind and Hand, followed by in-depth discussions with industry leaders and technology professionals about the transition to the cloud trend in what is being termed the Internet Plus era as well as the future development of the cloud computing industry. Dr. Shuaiyu Wang also shared the salient points and advantages of innovative SinoBBD Cloud products and discussed how to safeguard national data sovereignty and help companies empower the cloud ecosystem through industry-wide integration. The speech was well received by attendees.

Stand on solid ground and walk the talk

In the thriving Internet Plus era - the Chinese government's program to stimulate the application of the internet and other information technologies in conventional industries, the fast-growing cloud computing industry has gone through a process of rapid development, from proposal to maturity as well as from concept to implementation. With the popularity and wide adoption of the cloud, cloud computing is evolving from simply being a technology that operators and firms are putting into practice to one that is showing more attributes as a tool, as reflected by the upward migration of the core value and the transition from public to hybrid cloud.

At the event, Dr. Shuaiyu Wang said that companies must overcome three obstacles - trust, resources and capital - in order to set oneself apart from the competition in the cloud computing sector, and SinoBBD has the strength and confidence to overcome the three obstacles.

  • Trust: SinoBBD, has the credit endorsement of a state-owned company and maintains strong relationships with governments and operators. The group, a domestic leader in the cloud computing sector, is a member of the team of companies responsible for shouldering the mission of safeguarding national data sovereignty.
  • Resources: the group has implemented a data center cluster distribution following what the company has termed the "3+10+X" strategy (3: Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as three key markets; 10: ten internet backbone cities across China; X: other Chinese second- and third-tier cities with substantial electrical power resources) and owns multiple product lines, among them, data center, content delivery network (CDN), cloud and big data management platforms including business units that are responsible for growing the international segment of each of these verticals. SinoBBD's technological prowess serves to assist the firm in building the integrated industry portfolio.
  • Capital: SinoBBD has partnered with Huarong Emerging Industries Investment & Management Co., Ltd. to establish a big data fund of 20 billion yuan (approx. US$3 billion), fully supporting the group's efforts to expand and grow the cloud business and help companies empower the cloud ecosystem. The big data fund aims to accelerate the development of cloud applications and the realization of commercial value through the creation of the largest public industry cloud in China.

Commenting on SinoBBD Cloud's business portfolio, Dr. Shuaiyu Wang said that the benefits from possessing advantages as a result of the firm's leading position within the industry, as well as access to resources and capital, paved the way for the transformation of its cloud business from one that was focused on a narrow vertical to one that encompasses the breadth of the entire industry. The group has integrated its powerful resource network to combine its supply and marketing systems and create the SinoBBD Cloud industry ecosystem, following on with expansion across a wide range of sectors spanning big finance, big health, smart cities and Agriculture 4.0 (the application of precision farming). The group supports its e-commerce platform, which handles transactions valued at 600 billion yuan (approx. US$90 billion) annually, via the SinoBBD Cloud platform and big data technologies. It provides support for the creation of nationwide rural e-commerce platforms serving the country's towns and villages, the agricultural sector and farmers, and drives supply-side reform while empowering the ecosystem. The group has teamed up with industry partners to achieve win-win results and is now entering the final half of the SinoBBD Cloud platform's development period, where "Down to the Earth, Mind and Hand" is central and key to future success.  

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