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Skin Strengthening LDM® Treatment by Pretty Beauty - Tailored for Your Skin in This Summer

Skin Strengthening LDM® Treatment by Pretty Beauty - Tailored for Your Skin in This Summer
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 17 May 2022 - Summer is around the corner. Ladies have to wear makeup and along with facial mask on, skin problems like imbalance in skin water and oil content, dryness, fine lines and so on can easily be found. Let alone pore blockage by consistently wearing a mask, and our skin age may look 10 years older than it should. The "LDM® Cell Skin Aesthetic Ace Treatment" exclusively designed by Pretty Beauty strengthens the treatment technology to be more effective with the needs of customers in summer. It activates cells from the deep layers of the skin, in order to achieve "brightening, delicate and shiny" young skin. LDM Treatment brings you peace of mind this summer. Let your healthy skin be reborn and transformed, showing your most glamorous moments of all time.


Patented LDM® Developed in Germany – A Medically Proven Treatment

"LDM® Cell Regenerator" is a beauty instrument imported by Pretty Beauty from overseas, developed by Wellcomet Technology in Germany. Through the patented LDM® technology (Local Dynamic Micro-Massage), two or three ultrasonic wavelengths are transmitted in alternating forms, which balance the extracellular matrix (ECMs) to regulate and decompose matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), enhance glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and produce heat shock proteins (HSPs). Lymph and blood circulation are improved and restore the skin with its natural plumpness. The skin's hyaluronic acid (HA) levels are also stimulated by specific ultrasound frequencies, ultimately repairing damaged cells and rebuilding the collagen network. The glowing and rejuvenated skin is filled with energy and is ready for the summer. The LDM® Cell Regenerator is a solution to different skin problems. LDM-Noblesse® and LDM®-Triple can flexibly convert three different dual-wave combinations. The former one has the frequencies of 1/3 MHz, 3/10 MHz and 1/10 MHz, while the latter one has 1/3/10 MHz or 3/10/19 MHz. They are meant to cover every inch of subcutaneous tissue and epidermal cells, repairing aging cells from the root and activating the skin's natural regeneration. Skin tightening effects are instant and it improves overall facial quality and texture problems.

Skin Strengthening Treatment – Embrace the Summer

Pretty Beauty stated that the strengthening treatment adjustment is a the strengthening to a complete treatment course, so that the treatment course can cater the needs of skin in the summertime. LDM® Cell Skin Aesthetic Ace Treatment is not just equipped with the three ultrasonic frequencies from shallow to deep 1/3/10MHZ, but also the 3/10/19MHZ three-frequency mode which further improves the epidermal skin problems. It transmits the ultrasound to the dermis skin at the depth of 0.3cm to achieve the effect of wrinkle reduction, and at the same time deals with the common summer skin issues like acne and imbalance in skin water and oil content.

Painless and Non-invasive – Building the Foundation of Youthful Skin

Pretty Beauty's "LDM® Cell Skin Aesthetic Ace Treatment" uses ultrasonic energy to efficiently activate, repair and awaken subcutaneous cells in a painless and side-effect-free manner. It deeply repairs damaged cells, replenishes abundant moisture and nutrients to skin cells, and improves the protection to the skin surface. Not only does it keep the skin delicate and glowing at all times, it also improves skin problems such as acne, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, dryness, and fine lines, etc. Ultimately it helps maintain firmness and youthfulness, keep the bounciness of skin, and slow down skin aging.

In addition, the LDM® Cell Regenerator has more than 10 kinds of predetermined skin care procedures to repair damaged cells for various skin problems, including eczema, acne, dermatitis, proliferative scars, connective tissue problems and other lasting skin symptoms. It is an equation to revitalize healthy skin by combining the principles of thermal, biochemistry and kinetics. It penetrates deeply into the dermis layer of the skin and destroys damaged cells to trigger structural repair. Youthfulness is restored in just 28 days.

About Pretty Beauty Group

Pretty Beauty Group was established in the year of 1985. It has been specializing in beauty and body shaping services for 37 years. It has rich experiences in the beauty industry and is the first to introduce the latest technology and equipment from time to time! Pretty Beauty Group currently has 16 branches in Hong Kong, dedicated to providing professional, safe, reliable and attentive beauty and slimming experience for ladies who love beauty. To learn more about beauty, skin, and body shape treatments, please visit .


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