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The Slogans, Emblems and Mascots of the 31st Summer Universiade in 2021 were Officially Released in Chengdu, China

The Slogans, Emblems and Mascots of the 31st Summer Universiade in 2021 were Officially Released in Chengdu, China

CHENGDU, China, Jan. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 30, the slogan, emblem and mascot of the 31st Summer Universiade and Franchising Global Conference were held in Chengdu University Village in Chengdu, China. This was an international event, a global sports event for college students, and an opportunity for a leap in brand.

Emblems and Mascots of the 31st Summer Universiade
Emblems and Mascots of the 31st Summer Universiade

The Slogans, Emblems and Mascots Showed Up

At the conference, the Chinese and English slogans of the Chengdu Universiade were officially released-the Chinese slogan was "Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True". Its corresponding English slogan was "Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True."

At the conference, Mr. Zhou Xiaojun, the official consultant of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, the operating partner of Ogilvy China, and one of the representatives of the committee of the slogans, emblems and mascots of Chengdu Universiade, interpreted the meaning and significance of the slogans, emblems, and mascots. He introduced that the main body of the emblem of the Universiade was based on the corresponding letter "U" in the English version of Universiade and combined the solar bird, one of the symbolic elements of Chengdu culture. The emblem was composed of four gradient color blocks of oriental red, bright yellow, emerald green, and lake blue, which corresponded to the concept of Chengdu Universiade's green, wisdom, vitality, and sharing, and was a part of the symbol elements of FISU.

The mascot of Universiade was a giant panda named Rongbao. In addition to the torch with the "31" flame in his hand, Rongbao's ears, eyes, and tail also showed a form of flame.

In Zhou Xiaojun's view, the aesthetic concepts, conveyed by the slogan, emblem, and mascot of the Universiade, were very rich and conveyed Chengdu's determination to run the Universiade and the desire to build a city of famous sports event.

The Selection Lasted for 3 Months, and Every Detail Contained "Tianfu Culture"

The reporter was informed that the selection of slogans, emblems and mascots took more than 3 months, and had received contributions from more than 7,000 slogans, nearly 2,000 emblems and nearly 1,000 mascots around the world. Only after the preliminary and final evaluation by the jury of Preparatory Committee, the nationwide online voting, online activities of clicking the "like" button, and professional check of experts and optimized design, the results were officially released. It can be said that every place reflected "Chengdu Style" and "Tianfu Culture."

The designs of emblem selected one of the symbolic elements of the ancient Shu civilization and Tianfu culture-the "solar bird." In ancient China, the solar bird carried people's desire and determination to pursue the bright, hoping to show the self-improvement and positive spirit of Tianfu culture.

At the same time, the designs of emblem also subtly integrated the characteristic element of the "Phoenix" in Chinese culture. The left side of the picture abstracts the "phoenix head" by means of arc cutting, and the right side abstracts the "phoenix tail" by incorporating the element of flame, depicting that an auspicious bird vividly hovered in the sky. Phoenix not only contained the tenacity of nirvana rebirth, but also the hope of flying dreams. It perfectly fitted the slogan of the Universiade, "Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True", and sent the world the best wishes from China.

Similar to the emblem, the Universiade mascot, which had received much attention from the outside, could also see "Chengdu Fashion" at a glance. "Rongbao" was created based on the panda.

Panda, which was hailed as "national treasure" in China, was a mark for Chengdu to propagate and a personal business card with a high reputation in the land of abundance. It was reported that Rongbao's facial design was a reference to the traditional art treasure-Sichuan Opera's Facebook style. It was another innovative embodiment of the Sichuan Opera, China's intangible cultural heritage, which kept pace with the times. Rongbao's ears, eyes, and tail were all in the form of flames with rich connotations.

The Image Speaker of Emblem and Mascot Showed Up

World-class events are bound to attract global attention. The dissemination of the Universiade is supported by the world's major media, and combined with online media. It is spread and promoted in a form of multi-channel, multi-platform, multimedia, three-dimensional, and full-coverage. It is expected that the global spread will cover more than 170 countries and 800 million people.

Not only the communication channels, but also the Chengdu 2021 Universiade is attracting more enterprises and art circles to join.

On June 26 this year, the Market Development Global Launch Conference of Chengdu 2021 Universiade was held. Zhang Liangying, a well-known Chinese singer, became the representative of the Chengdu Ambassador for the 2021 Universiade. According to Zhang Liangying, the Universiade was not just an event, but it also inherits the spirit of young people pursuing forever youth and never saying failure.

At the scene today, another star of other field, well-known Chinese actor and singer Xu Weizhou, was hired as the image speaker for the emblems and mascots of the Chengdu Universiade. At the scene, he took over the offer and unveiled the actual mascot. In this industry, Xu Weizhou loved sports, and his healthy image, youth and vitality were in line with the vibrant image of the Universiade. The spirit of constantly challenging himself in the field of music and performance was in harmony with the connotation of the Universiade seeking to break through and pursue excellence.

Chengdu Universiade Official Online Retail Store Opens!

Divided into online and offline parts, the Universiade official online retail stores radiate major cities in the country and overseas regions. It opens the Universiade's official flagship store, the first retail channel of the event authoritatively releases, and sells in all categories online. There will be no less than 100 retail stores, covering Chengdu's mainstream shopping districts, popular attractions, and transportation points offline. At that time, athletes and guests from various countries who come to Chengdu will easily take away their favorite Universiade goods.

Soon, Chengdu 2021 Universiade will complete more projects and welcome more partners. As an international large-scale event, the audience of the Universiade covers the whole world. In 2021, more than 10,000 athletes and officials from about 170 countries and regions are expected to gather in Chengdu. A world-class event is bound to attract global attention and activate phenomenal-level communication.

The Slogans, Emblems and Mascots Showed Up
The Slogans, Emblems and Mascots Showed Up

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