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SmartAVLink Launches Next-Gen USB Type C Active Optical Cable

SmartAVLink Launches Next-Gen USB Type C Active Optical Cable

SHENZHEN, China, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartAVLink (Shenzhen City Euroway Technology Co, Ltd), a world-leading active optical cables (AOC) manufacturer, today announced the release of their next-generation USB type C Active Optical Cable available in a maximum length of 10 meters (33 feet).

With no external power needed, its built–in active circuitry is powered by both ends of the cable, eliminating external power supply costs. With power delivery of up to 60 watts, the next-gen AOC supports various voltage profiles up to 20 Volts at 3 Amps and is thus able to charge a wide range of devices. With a strong zinc alloy metal shell, the attractive gold-plated contacts maintain a long-lasting, reliable electrical connection. The next-gen cable is conveniently backwards compatible with previous USB standards and also works with Thunderbolt devices (With DP Alt Mode) and is available in 3-, 5-, 7.5-, and 10-meter (33 feet) lengths, with support available for extra customization.

Key features of this cable include:

  • USB 3.2 compliant — supports a SuperSpeed USB data rate of 10 Gbps
  • Transmits 4K/30 DisplayPort video and embedded audio signals — compatible with DisplayPort Alt mode-capable USB–C host devices, the unidirectional USB C cables transmit DisplayPort video and embedded audio signals from the host to the connected display device.
  • Supports pass through of EDID and HDCP-encrypted signals.
  • Ultra-flexible, ultra-thin 0.25" (6.5 mm) diameter cable — a narrow bend radius facilitates easier installation and reduces the possibility of cable damage.
  • Bidirectional USB power flow — when connected to USB devices that support USB PD (Power Delivery), power flows both ways, enabling both host and peripheral devices to provide power to the far-end device.

Highly resistant to EMI/RFI Interference, the USB C full function (Data + Video + PD) can be used in high-interference environments, such as data centers and manufacturing facilities. Moreover, as the leading manufacturer of AOCs, SmartAVLink is currently preparing to apply for longer Type C full function cable in order to extend the range of super high-performance cable options available to clients.

About SmartAVLink

SmartAVLink started Optical-Electric conversion technology in 2013. Their optical and electrical conversion products include HDMI AOC, DP AOC, USB Type-C® AOC, DVI AOC's (Active Optical Cables) and relative Optical-Fiber Engine. SmartAVLink has more than 8 years of experience in HDMI AOC design and manufacturing, and provides OEM/ODM to more than 300+ brands worldwide. SmartAVLink is an innovative company that focuses on optical and electrical conversion development. SmartAVLink's products have worldwide applications including --- VR&AR, Machine Vision, Medical System, System Integration, Digital Signature, Home Theater etc.

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