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Quipper launches Quipper Campus to help students understand and get more information on higher education institutions across Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Quipper strengthens its commitment to ensure all Indonesians received quality education and to enable them to compete at a global level. In this moment, Quipper launched its new product, Quipper Campus, a one-stop information portal that connects students with their dream universities or higher education institutions (HEI). Quipper believes that technology is the key to reduce and end education disparities in every part of the world and the key to the foundation of a new learning.

Country Manager Quipper Indonesia, Takuya Homma, delivering his speech at the Quipper Campus' launching ceremony
Country Manager Quipper Indonesia, Takuya Homma, delivering his speech at the Quipper Campus' launching ceremony

Quipper Campus is an online platform that provides complete information of universities across Indonesia, including location, majors, administration information and many more. It is a one-stop information portal for high school graduates who aspire to further their study to higher education. The idea of Quipper Campus is to bridge the information gap between high school graduates who search for higher education information and higher education institutions who want to promote about their institutions.

In addition to providing a wide range of information to students, universities across Indonesia can utilize Quipper Campus to attract more students to study with them. In Indonesia, the gross enrollment rate (APK) for the category of age 19-24 (college level) is still very low, which is below 30% according to the data from Private Higher Education Coordinator (Kopertis). The limited information obtained by prospective high school graduates and equivalent is suspected to be one of the things that are affecting the low APK in that age category. The government has been actively addressing the issues, one of them is by improving the quality of private higher education institutions (PTS).

"It is undeniable that PTS quality becomes the main reason for choosing Higher Education Institutions. Increasing the number of students on PTS is needed to improve the quality. It should be done soon because those PTS who have less than 500 students is categorized as low scale PTS," added Illah Saillah - Private Higher Education Coordinator Jakarta Region (Kopertis).

In response to the issue, Tri Nuraini - PR & Marketing Manager Quipper Indonesia said, "Quipper Campus is designed with simplicity, and friendly user interface that is easy to access from any device at any time student convenient. We believe that with our service, students would be able to obtain complete information about universities and higher education institution in Indonesia and choose the best one that suits their talent and career prospect."

As an educational technology (edu-tech) company, Quipper has a vision of being a "Distributors of Wisdom," and wants to contribute and support the government goals by providing equal access to quality education for everyone in Indonesia.

Takuya Homma, Country Manager Quipper Indonesia said, "At Quipper we believe that every student has the right to receive quality education, and with Quipper Campus, we are extending our reach on the education ecosystem. This is part of our commitment to support government programs to make sure that Indonesia's future generation can compete at the global level."

As of now, Quipper Campus already provides information on all 120 state universities and more than 150 selected private higher education institutions in Indonesia. In the near future, there will be more information on private higher education institutions in Quipper Campus.

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About Quipper

Quipper is a leading global education technology company that aims to bring the best education to all corners of the world. Quipper strives to provide, improve, and distribute quality education, through technology, to create a world where every child is given equal opportunity to learn and gain knowledge.

Quipper services, which include Quipper School and Quipper Video, help students receive quality education without limitation, and empower educators to distribute wisdom.

Quipper School is being used by more than 4 million students and 350,000 teachers worldwide. Quipper Video is being used by over 500,000 students globally. Quipper has more than 600 employees around the world and operates in five countries: United Kingdom, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, and Indonesia.

As part of Quipper's commitment and spirit to empower educational ecosystem in Indonesia, Quipper will continue to work with all stakeholders including schools, Provincial and District Education Offices (Dinas Pendidikan) throughout Indonesia, Teachers and Educators Offices, Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), and Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMOLEC). To date, Quipper services are being used by more than 2.5 million Indonesian students and more than 250.000 teachers in Indonesia.

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