Smartshare (SSP) to Hold Meeting in Taipei and Taichung as the Next Step in its Global Campaign

BEIJING, Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 9-10, 2019, Smartshare (SSP) will hold an offline meeting in Taipei and Taichung with founder Frank Chen planned to be in attendance. The meeting will focus on the changes in data validation and privacy security in the decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) and introduce Smartshare (SSP) IoT ecosystem products. Southeast Asia is the first region to be promoted to outside of mainland China, and is also the region that orders the most hardware products, making it a key region for Smartshare (SSP) to expand its community. 

Smartshare (SSP) is an intelligent and trusted decentralized blockchain technology platform designed to reshape the value of IoT and data as well as enhance IoT's economic value by using Smartshare (SSP) Token to realize the value quantification and circulation of terminals and data within the platform.

Smartshare (SSP)'s intelligent hardware consists of CCTV's Dengdeng Robot, Three Papa's Air Purifiers, X-KEY and the self-developed Sleep Shells. Users can obtain Smartshare tokens by contributing their data when using these products, which can then be redeemed for products within the ecosystem. Currently, there are 200,000+ terminal data uplinks with plans to use mobile phones as terminals that users can use to upload exercise data. 

In an IoT system, various monitoring devices collect real-time objects or processes that need to be monitored, connected, and interacted with, and establish stable and safe links between objects and objects, objects and people, and objects and networks. Requirements are high to prevent criminal attacks that could result in economic losses. In addition to strict legal and policy regulations, applying decentralized IoT systems and technologies can also provide significant protection. 

Smartshare (SSP) is working to solve the data value problem of IoT terminals, realize user's data rights and value transactions through decentralization, and protect the data value of users and devices. It enables entities to exchange value on the Internet without requiring trust, enabling purchase of sensor measurement data. 

The expansion of technology and products has enabled more and more users to join the Smartshare Chain. From November to December 2018, Smartshare (SSP) held six offline events in Southeast Asia, encouraging everyone to treat IoT data security seriously and maintain data rights. In last year's campaign, Smartshare (SSP) expanded its community in Southeast Asia, provided deep coverage and application to the IoT industry, and applied blockchain technology to more new businesses. This event in Taipei and Taichung is the second round of community meeting in the global road show. Smartshare (SSP) plans to build a global community in Southeast Asia, North America, Japan and South Korea. 

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