Social Media Marketing Tool for the SMEs and Freelancers

TAIPEI, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Webu, an application created to serve the underserved. What is it? In 2021, a couple identified that there are two types of people. The ones spend and gets no or minimum return or the ones who don't spend on marketing for their businesses rather depend on the word of mouth which lead to two results: spends more and get more or spends none and grow very slow.  

How about everyone pays US$2 and get the investment right back by having 250,000+ users seeing the ad and bring in traffic to your business? Two dollars is a fix price that will not increase along with impressions, because Webu does not believe hurting the wallets. Webu was created for the SMEs, Freelancers and those to want to be Content Creators and do not know how to nor have the financial mean for marketing—US$B600 industry. The fuel behind such business model is the founder (Jay Pena) builds influencers himself hence Webu is backed by a very large marketing powerhouse. 

One of Webu's main feature allows victims to share their experiences anonymously in so encouraging victims to seek help without dealing with embarrassment or life-threatening consequences. Webu connects people within communities without the need to "add friends" or "enter groups" with so many rules, making the community safer and more engaging. Webu is based in Taipei-Taiwan, available in 176 countries/regions. 

Webu is free to download with rich and free features along with in-app purchase and will be available in both Android and IOS.