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SoftSages’ Core Cyber Security & Recruitment Solutions Are Helping Businesses Evolve

The US-based company, SoftSages is empowering 21st century businesses and organizations with tailor-made core cyber security and recruitment solutions such as identity & access management, security management, penetration testing, security monitoring, and more.

In today’s date, the widespread usage of smartphones, laptops, and tablets have increased reliance on the internet. Not only have usage of the internet led to increased ease in doing business but has also amplified the feasibility of cyberattacks. Thus, leading to the need for businesses to rely on professional cyber security services to strengthen their weaknesses and save themselves from malicious cyber-attacks.

SoftSages is a new-generation company offering a wide range of cybersecurity and recruitment solutions to its clients helping them cut costs, focus on their core business, and actively respond to growth opportunities. What makes their company different from other cyber security & recruitment solution providers is tailor-made solutions.

From offshore recruiting services to cyber security and even incident management, the company offers all kinds of recruitment and cyber security services for IT professionals and others. 

The company helps businesses put up their systems in place by preventing their data from getting into the hands of the unauthorized people. These unauthorized people can either be their competitors or even hackers. The company will help organize and optimize business systems by limiting access to required people.

SoftSages also provides cyber security services like security identification and data protection services to their business clients. They offer software that can scan and detect all system weaknesses, networks, communication equipments, and also predict counter-effective measures of control. Through security identification, they aid in planning and strategizing best practices for protection against internal and external threats.

Penetration testing is another service offered by the company that enables them to check if the client’s data is well-protected. During this process, an experienced team of ethical and expert hackers do a simulated cyber-attack. Apart from penetration testing, they also ensure all sensitive data of their clients is protected through identity and access management, security controls, and regulatory compliance.

SoftSages company has over 16 years of staffing experience serving as Cyber Professional Consultants. They are recognized Security Integration experts in their field. As pioneer Certified Information Systems Security Professionals or CISSP Professionals, they make intellectual designers and innovative engineers that can implement and run one of the most informative security programs for their versatile clients.

Over the years, the company has gained great experience through working with numerous Federal and State Government clients. Their client experience is not just limited to them. SoftSages have interacted with hundreds of financial and manufacturing clients as well. SoftSages have also done over 150 live projects so far and seem to have a long way to go from here.

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