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Software Developer Octagon Lab Releases 2Phon, an iPhone Mobile Application that Provides a Virtual Second Phone Number for Calls and Texts

Many professionals wish to maintain a clear division between work and personal communications. Unfortunately, carrying a second device can be a cumbersome hassle. The 2Phon mobile application offers iPhone users a virtual number without a separate phone or SIM card.

Octagon Lab, a software development company, recently announced the launch of 2Phon, an iPhone mobile application that allows professionals to create a second phone number without requiring an additional device or SIM card. 2Phon is the perfect solution for convenient private and business interactions worldwide. 

“2Phon empowers you to select a unique phone number, enabling you to engage in calls and texts while keeping your actual number private,” Octagon Lab developers said. “Enjoy the luxury of making international calls and texts without extra charges.”

The 2Phon mobile application is available in the Apple App Store, and iPhone users can download it for free. 2Phon offers in-app purchases and a subscription service that allows unrestricted access to the app’s full functionality. Users can purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions, which are billed automatically according to the chosen plan. 

While many professionals want to keep business and personal communication separate, they don’t wish to carry a second device or go through the trouble of securing and setting up another SIM card. 2Phon is the ideal solution for iPhone users. With a simple mobile application, they can make international calls and texts without a second device or unnecessary extra charges. Unlike many phone call apps, 2Phon’s virtual phone numbers do not expire, and users can maintain their international numbers as long as they need them.

Numerous situations can make a second virtual number advantageous. 2Phon is ideal for creating a virtual SIM and a business number to buy or sell on e-commerce platforms. The service also allows users to remain secure and anonymous while accessing public services. With 2Phon, users can access a wealth of comprehensive communication solutions. The mobile application features call recording, voicemail, and private text messaging capabilities. 

“Embrace the flexibility of managing a second number effortlessly with 2Phon today,” company founders said. “We are equipped to meet all your communication requirements.”

2Phon offers users many valuable features, such as the ability to conduct calls in 25 countries. With call recording, it is a simple matter to record, save, and share business conversations. Some features are restricted to specific regions. Users in the United States and Canada can send MMS messages, and US virtual numbers can implement business hours to direct calls to voicemail outside working hours. The app also makes it easy to manage SMS messages and review text history. 

Setting up a virtual SIM and a second phone number through 2Phon is easy. Download the free iPhone app and register using the required information. Then, simply select a virtual number from the array of available options. Integrate and synch desired contacts with 2Phon to organize them within the app. Users can easily name their unique virtual numbers and effortlessly add or remove additional numbers as necessary. 

2Phon allows users to remain anonymous and secure while conducting international business. Place calls and send texts around the world without additional fees or security concerns—or the need for a second device. A virtual SIM and second phone number from 2Phon provides access to easy international communication. 

Maintaining a private virtual number without a second device has never been so easy. Conduct business calls and texts from a primary device with the 2Phon mobile app. Get started for free and discover how beneficial a secure, private virtual second phone number can be. There’s no need to reveal a private number while conducting business calls and texts. Remain secure and anonymous while enjoying the convenience of a fully functional second phone number within the 2Phon application. 

Visit the 2Phon page in the Apple App Store to learn more about the company’s virtual phone number mobile application or to download a copy and start making international calls and texts. Learn more about the developer, Octagon Lab – FZCO, at 

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