Solugen and Temasek Partner to Manufacture Carbon Negative Chemicals and Materials in the US and Asia by leveraging Breakthrough Synthetic Biology Platform

SINGAPORE, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Solugen Inc., the synthetic biology chemicals manufacturer, has announced a partnership and investment from Singapore's state fund, Temasek. The round will support further scaleup and sales growth of Solugen's molecular manufacturing platform that harnesses biology to make high-performing, cost effective carbon negative chemicals, ingredients, and materials. Through this partnership, Solugen will be expanding its footprint to include new R&D and production facilities in Southeast Asia to satisfy customer demand in the region across markets including clean water, agriculture, and food & beverage.

"As we rapidly scale our platform to multiple production facilities, we believe Southeast Asia will be an ideal location to deploy our technology given the need for cleaner chemical products to support critical infrastructures such as clean water, agriculture, energy, and food/beverage," said Dr. Gaurab Chakrabarti, co-founder and CEO of Solugen. "We have selected Singapore as our hub in Southeast Asia due to the brilliant talent pool available in the region from key institutions such as A*STAR and NUS, as well as the deep chemicals experience in the region," said Dr. Sean Hunt, co-founder and CTO of Solugen.

About Solugen

Solugen creates cutting-edge chemistries that are safer to use, and more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly than traditional petrochemicals. Solugen is leading the way in the emerging field of synthetic biology and reimagining chemical solutions for the energy, cleaning, soil remediation, and agriculture industries. Solugen's innovative carbon-negative chemical solutions, such as BioPeroxide™, BioChelate™ and ScavSol® product lines enable multiple industries to deliver more sustainable products to their customers without compromising performance. To learn more, visit 

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