Southern Song Culture, International Expression the Activity of China-Africa-Europe Tour for Three

BEIJING, Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The activity of China-Africa-Europe Tour for Three with the theme of "Southern Song Culture, International Expression" was held in Sofitel Hangzhou West Lake in the afternoon of November 8, 2018. Sponsored by Hangzhou Tourism Commission, the People's Government and the Tourism Bureau of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou Findland Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd., the activity attracted over 20 international friends and students from Italy, The Republic of Congo, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Guinea, Cameroon, Morocco and Uzbekistan, as well as the Minister Counselor from the Embassy of the Republic of Benin in China, who gathered together and enjoyed the inheritance of Southern Song culture and a charming feast of cultural tourism.

"Southern Song Culture, International Expression" constitutes three parts: "Enchanting View" tells the story of the "Eight enchanting Views in Southern Song Dynasty" in Shangcheng District. Hefang Street, the White Pagoda, Wuliu House and Drum Tower, all carry their cultural deposits to the world with tenderness of time and expectation of the future. The "Tea Feast" offered three courses of tea, such as Magnifique First Lady's Tea Break from G20 Hangzhou Summit, the original tea in Southern Song Dynasty and the presentation of unique tea culture from Hefeng, the hometown of tea; each course contains different cultures and stories, bringing the guests back to history to feel the traditional "respect by tea" in China. This activity reached its climax during the China-Africa-Europe Tour for Three of "Comprehension of Talk", where the host had exciting exchanges with three guests of culture covering cultures of Southern Song Dynasty and the world. Orou-Yerima Baudouin Eulogo, Minister-Counselor from the Embassy of the Republic of Benin in China, and Vincenza from Italy both expressed their attraction to Southern Song culture and wished to share and bring more foreign friends to Shangcheng for a heartfelt travel.

The representatives from the Tourism Office and several excellent enterprises of Hefeng also attended this activity, and the tourism departments of both places signed the strategic cooperation agreement of "Shangcheng & Hefeng tourism Community" to promote further cooperation and exchanges as well as the development of cultural and tourism industries in both places.